Fidel Castro’s Children of War

Since the days of his terrorist movement to remove Batista from power in Cuba where he and his cadre of thugs employed bombs, kidnappings, and executions, Fidel Castro has always shown a willingness to use any method, no matter how vile or ghastly, to achieve his goal of unchallenged power. Forcing children to be soldiers and placing them on the battlefield is perfectly acceptable to Castro, since he is willing to do anything, absolutely anything, to achieve and maintain power.

Punt de Vista has a report on the regime’s own admission to using child soldiers (my translation):

Fidel Castro armed and sent children with rifles into battle in the 60s

The children of war, an expression we normally associate with some African countries and a practice that evokes indignation in everyone, was a practice carried out by Fidel Castro in Cuba, according to testimonies published in the official press. The act is addressed by blogger Míriam Celaya on her blog, Sin Evasión, in which she describes the case of a veteran combatant at the Bay of Pigs in 1960 making reference to a first person narrative on the pages of Granma by one of the historical participants. It relates to the case of Ramon Jerez, enlisted into the militia on August 20, 1960, when he was only 13 years old. “The FAL rifle that they assigned me was almost bigger than me, but I found a way to deal with it and learn how to use it,” confessed Jerez. He said that he was the smallest one of them all, but how many more “them” were there?

Photo: Child Combatants (WORLD REVOLUTION)