A Mother’s Celebration of Life and Sacrifice


“Happy birthday, baby!”

As we remember Mother’s Day I would like to highlight one Mother in particular as an example of those mothers whose children have heard a higher calling, and volunteered for service in this nation’s military. These children cannot grow into the young adults who serve loyally, bravely, and heroically if it were not for their parents, and especially their Mothers. It is in these women even sons find great strength, perseverance, loyalty, and self discipline … even in life’s most difficult and horrible times. Thus is the biography of fallen U.S. Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy:

These mothers realize their sons are called home in their Eternal Father’s time. The pain of that call never diminishes for those left behind in this world. However, the legacy of that son who thrived on the goodness and strength of his Mother sometimes gets a second life.

Just shy of six years since the day of Lt. Murphy’s ultimate sacrifice, a sacrifice shared by his Mother Maureen Murphy, The United States Navy has resurrected Lt. Michael Murphy to serve our great nation again. Yesterday, on what would have been Lt. Michael Murphy’s 35th birthday, his Mother, family, friends, and US Navy SEAL brethren gathered in Bath, Maine at the Bath Iron Works shipyard to celebrate the rebirth of this honorable young warrior as they christened the new US Navy warship the destroyer USS Michael Murphy.

Generations of Navy sailors who will be stationed onboard the USS Michael Murphy will learn about the young man behind the name of their home ship, and will feel the pride in Lt. Michael P. Murphy’s legacy of strength, courage, and dedication … his Mother’s legacy … and strive to carry on that legacy in their own service with the United States Navy, and to our nation. And on this Mother’s Day we thank Maureen Murphy, and the countless mothers like her that have selflessly given us such strong and brave sons and daughters to protect us.

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