Murdered Cuban activist medical records refute Castro regime’s claim of ‘death by natural causes’

Within hours of the news of Castro State Security beating to death Cuban activist Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia, the Cuban regime embarked on a campaign to discredit the opposition and disprove the notion that Soto Garcia had been murdered by Castro thugs. The regime blamed the opposition member’s death on “pancreatitis,” and went so far as to say Soto Garcia died of “natural causes.” The truth, however, cannot be hidden forever, not even by the Castro regime, and we are thankful that it only took a few days for it to surface.

Several months ago, Soto Garcia was examined by doctors and of the many ailments suffered by the activist and documented in their report, pancreatitis was not one of them. The pancreatitis that afflicted and ultimately killed Soto Garcia came suddenly, and most likely from the brutal and violent blows he was subjected to by Castro State Security agents.

Here is a copy medical summary and a report from Penúltimos Días (my translation):

Summary of Juan Wilfredo Soto’s clinical history makes no mention of pancreatitis

The document below (click to enlarge) is a summary of the clinical history of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia, the dissident who died on May 8th at the “Arnaldo Milian Castro” Hospital in Santa Clara. The summary is dated October of last year, and was in the possession of the Baptist minister from Taguayabon, Mario Felix Lleonart, who stated yesterday on Radio Netherlands he was helping Wilfredo obtain medication. The document was sent to me by Yoani Sanchez.

The summary proves without a doubt that Soto Garcia was a person with grave health issues, with various ailments, cardiovascular above all, as well as diabetes and gout. The interesting thing is that in this recent medical assessment, “pancreatitis” is nowhere to be found. However, according to the Cuban government’s official statement, this was the cause of his death. If he did not have this chronic disease, which would have been mentioned in his medical file, then it reinforces the notion that the pancreatitis was induced by violent injury brought about by trauma to the abdominal area, as the opposition and activists have been saying all along.


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  1. It doesn’t matter. No amount of evidence will make much real difference. It never has. The regime will lie, as it always does when it’s convenient or expedient, and the usual suspects will believe the lies or act as if they did.

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