Castro regime spokesperson Archbishop Jaime Ortega embarks on another PR campaign

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Valenzuela Meets Cardinal Ortega (Again)
Last week, Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega secretly traveled to Brussels to pitch the European Union to unilaterally end its Common Position towards the Castro regime, which conditions the normalization of relations to democratic reforms.

According to witnesses, Ortega sought to (shamelessly and selfishly) downplay the role of dissidents during his meetings.

(Yet, for some reason, Ortega found it necessary to “intervene” last year when dissidents cornered the regime pursuant to the tragic death of hunger striker Orlando Zapata Tamayo).

Tragically, while Ortega was busy promoting himself in Brussels as the interlocutor of all things Cuba, the Castro regime was beating-to-death another dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto.

We are still awaiting the Catholic Church’s reaction to Soto’s murder.

Yesterday, Ortega began the second leg of his latest self-promotion tour with a visit to Washington, D.C. — en route to Nebraska, where he will be speaking at Creighton University.

During his visit to Washington, Ortega met (yet again) with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Arturo Valenzuela at the Vatican Embassy.

(Valenzuela announced that he would be stepping down this summer).

Guess what he pitched?

3 thoughts on “Castro regime spokesperson Archbishop Jaime Ortega embarks on another PR campaign”

  1. Nothing new here, except VERY bad timing. Gee, I wonder what the Cuban RCC has done or plans to do regarding the murder, I mean death, of Juan Wilfredo Soto? Well, it was just a naturally unnatural death, as these things go in Castroland, so no need to get distracted from truly important matters, like running interference for Castro, Inc. in Europe (or wherever it might be). A cardinal, after all, can’t be running after trivial, everyday things like somebody dying in the hinterlands. I mean, people die all the time. There are affairs of state to attend to, and important people to snooker, er, schmooze, er, see. Is this sort of “diplomatic” mission for a murderous, unrepentant, utterly incorrigible totalitarian dictatorship something a “prince of the Church” should be doing, and be seen to do? One can only imagine how impressed the lowly flock must be, or not. The best I can say is that, perhaps, the cardinal thinks he can play the devil’s game and somehow come out ahead, just as the prelate who saved Castro’s ass in 1953 may have thought he was “doing it for Cuba’s benefit.” The road to hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions, not to mention fools who think far too highly of their schemes.

  2. I truly despise Cardinal Ortega, more so even than the castros. They are after all, what they are, DEMONS, and we can’t expect anything good out of them, but the Cardinal is supposed to be the total opposite.

    He truly deserves an even lower level in Dante’s Hell.

  3. Fidel, Raul Castro y Cardinal Ortega se merecen que le den candela y que boten sus cenizas en un inodoro. Y todavia no es suficiente castigo por todo el daño, dolor y sufrimiento que le han hecho a Cuba y a su pueblo.


    Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and Cardinal Ortega deserve to be burned alive and thrown their ashes down the toilet. And still is not enough punishment for all the destruction, pain and suffering they have inflicted to Cuba and its people.

    Like Celia Cruz sang, Que le den CANDELA! Que le den CANDELA!

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