“Get Over It–Why Dont-cha!” (Demjanjuk sentenced for Nazi crimes)

Cuban Memorial
Cuban Memorial

There is no evidence that Demjanjuk committed a specific crime. The prosecution was based on the theory that if he was at the camp, he was participating in the killings, which is the first time such legal arguments had been made in German court.

“This case is a door opener,” said Thomas Walther, who led the investigation. “It could be very soon that more are brought to the table.”

Integral to the prosecutions case was a Nazi SS I.D. card that allegedly shows a picture of a young Demjanjuk.

If historic identification with a murderous totalitarian regime merits prosecution–then the greenrooms at Maria Elvira’s and Oscar Haza’s studios should be raided daily!

Need I even hint at what the BBC, CNN, AP, CBS etc. etc. etc. –ALL reporting uncritically on this issue
,generally opine regarding Cuban-exiles who seek justice???

7 thoughts on ““Get Over It–Why Dont-cha!” (Demjanjuk sentenced for Nazi crimes)”

  1. I have no interest in defending Demjanjuk, but one thing is certain: nobody associated with a left-wing regime would have been convicted on such vague or circumstantial evidence. By the principle used to convict him, a known former KGB official like Vladimir Putin could also be convicted. Same goes for countless communist figures, Russian as well as Cuban, but they’ve got little or nothing to worry about. As I keep saying, it’s not about justice, because real justice does not discriminate; it’s about what’s politically correct and fashionable. For shame.

  2. Example: there is considerably better evidence of a very specific crime against the Spanish communist Santiago Carrillo, who lives freely and comfortably in Spain and will die of mere old age. During the Spanish Civil War, he was implicated in (if not responsible for) the massacre of thousands who opposed the communists (something like the Katyn massacre in Poland). Nobody will touch him, certainly not the Spanish socialists. But of course, a Spanish showboating judge (Garzon) went after Pinochet, who wasn’t even Spanish. The double standard is beyond obvious.

  3. No one’s defending Demjanjuk, probably a typical “resentido” against those in the camps. Heaven knows we know the type from the CDR’s, etc. in Cuba! Point is, the habitual “mainstream” double standard between totalitarian criminals.

  4. Let’s not forget that to these ignorant jackasses Nazism was a government “of the right”…. ergo the conviction. They will NEVER convict anyone who committed crimes and/or atrocities on humanity if they belong to a “government” from the left.

    “The Black Book of Communism” 1999 Harvard University Press, details over 100 million executed, murdered, tortured etc. by communist regimes. Where are the perpetrators? Fine Thank You! Mostly died of old age, in their beds… Others are living in comfort from their spoils… Two come to mind: fidel and raul.

    Don’t expect any justice from ANY government in existence today!

    • One of the great lies of the left and progressives, promulgated by noxious repetition over the last (almost) century, is that Fascism and Nazism are right-wing ideologies. Nothing could be further from the truth. I make it a point to counter that lie every opportunity I get. Communism, Fascism, and National Socialism are kissing cousins. They are all leftist ideologies, with different flavors. All of them put the state above the individual. All of them. They are evil.

  5. Nobody questions that Nazi criminals should be sought out and brought to justice, but so should ALL those guilty of crimes against humanity, and that is clearly not the case and never has been. I doubt it ever will be, from the looks of things. Communism killed far more people and destroyed or seriously harmed far more lives than Nazism. By and large, the responsible communists have essentially gotten away with murder, and practically nobody seems especially bothered by that, despite its obscene injustice. The Cuba situation has taught me many things, mostly bad, nasty things, such as the fact that very few people are truly just, fair, honorable and respectable, regardless of what they say or pretend to be. It’s taught me to be extremely sensitive to false fronts, hypocrisy, hidden agendas, selective morality and political correctness, which are absolutely everywhere. It’s taught me, in fact, that all too many people are contemptible frauds. I can’t even remember what innocence was like.

  6. And don’t forget: We’re supposed to “get over” Castro because he’s “no longer a threat.”

    So I guess Demjanjuk WAS a clear and present threat to world peace!

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