One monkey don’t stop no show — Libya Yes! Cuba No!

Capitol Hill Cubans exposes more of Senator John Kerry’s blatant discriminatory and hypocritical posture towards democracy programs in Cuba:

Discriminating Against Cuba Programs
According to the Wall Street Journal:

Syria’s leading activists are going deep into hiding following a relentless and brutal crackdown by the regime, at a time when protest leaders were expected to be emerging into public view, as they did at this stage in Tunisia and Egypt.

But while security forces have curbed the organizational capabilities of protesters against the 11-year rule of president Bashar al-Assad, it hasn’t crushed dissent. Supported by Skype, the Internet and satellite phones smuggled into the country, many push forward, monitoring protests and sending out information.

Guess where most of the funding for these “smuggled” satellite phones comes from?

You guessed it.

So where are the investigative reports on the efficacy of Syria democracy programs?

Where are the cries that these violate Syrian law?

Where’s the outrage that these programs are promoting “regime change”?

Where are the accusations that they are “covert”?

Where’s U.S. Senator John Kerry’s (D-MA) information hold on funding for these programs?

After all, advocates of normalizing relations with the Castro regime were incensed that American development worker Alan Gross — who has been unjustly imprisoned in Cuba since December 2009 — was distributing satellite phone equipment to Cuba’s Jewish community.

Are attacks on U.S. democracy programs discriminately focused on Cuba?

It sure seems like it.

Or maybe, the Castro regime just has some really good lobbyists.

2 thoughts on “One monkey don’t stop no show — Libya Yes! Cuba No!”

  1. Kerry defines the word prick. He’s an unequivocal example of one, even apart from the Cuba issue, but how long has he been in office? How many times has he been re-elected? Whose fault is it that such a person is in such a position? Not his. Same goes for every lousy politician in Washington, including the White House. The problem is not miserably, blatantly poor politicians in office, but rather those who put and keep them there. As far as I’m concerned, if those voters are not too stupid to know better, they’re guilty of a crime against our society and its welfare.

  2. And if the’re too stupid to know better, they don’t deserve to vote, since they don’t have the right to negatively affect anybody’s life but their own.

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