Those classy Castro diplomats

Punt de Vista has a report on a classy Castro diplomat stationed at the Cuban embassy in Madrid. A true lady indeed.

My translation:

Castro diplomat rubs her crotch in front of Spanish press during homage to Soto

A diplomat stationed at the Cuban embassy in Madrid lasciviously rubbed her crotch before a group of exiled Cubans and activists from Cuba Democracia Ya (CDY) who were conducting a protest over the assassination of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia who died after being beaten by Castro police this past Thursday in Santa Clara.

CDY described the “gesture” as “obscene,” and an attempt by the female diplomat to mock the Cuban activists assembled in front of the dictatorship’s headquarters in the Spanish capital. During the protest, white roses were thrown into the embassy grounds in homage to Soto Garcia, while Castro officials threw them back out.

CDY said the obscene gestures by the diplomatic staff happened in front of journalists sent by the main news agencies in Spain, Efe and Europa Press, and also one television network crew.

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  1. She’s classic CDR stock, like the lowlife bitch, consumed with envy and resentment, who ran the CDR in our block. Trust me, I know the type.

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