If it’s so great …

Why 1,372 waivers … and counting?

Meanwhile, Rep. Steny H. Hoyer has penned a nice little letter urging colleges and universities to indoctrina— er, to teach, yeah teach, the benefits of ObamaCare to new students coming in.

We are, after all, entering into the 2012 election cycle soon enough and we can’t have those young minds of mush missing election day November 2012 because they are stuck in their dorm rooms, too sick to get out and vote for Obama … By the way, if you were counting on Medicare being there for you in roughly 20 years, or less … If they haven’t been able to run Medicare efficiently what makes them think a nationalized medical program for everyone will be any less a disaster?

One final thing. If you thought a nice bonus to those “enhanced security body searches” by the TSA at the airports saved you a trip to the doctor for your prostate, breast, testicular, gynecological exams don’t count on it in Texas anymore … at least until Big Sis, and Holder’s DOJ have-at Texas in court.

Sorry, baby …

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