‘Why do you beat me?’: A documentary by Cuban indpendent journalist Luis Felipe Rojas

Cuban independent journalist and blogger Luis Felipe Rojas produced a documentary film titled “Why do you beat me?” that you can watch below. It tells the story of a young Cuban, Alberto Lairo Castro, who suffered a vicious beating at the hands of Cuban State Security, and because of the injuries he suffered is now confined to his bed.

2 thoughts on “‘Why do you beat me?’: A documentary by Cuban indpendent journalist Luis Felipe Rojas”

  1. I am a visual artist -portrait painter and Miami Dade College professor whose mission is denouncing the human rights violations perpetrated by the communist dictatorship in Cuba. I convey my message through my portrait paintings of Cuban dissidents and my movie project based on my experience as a teacher to Cuban balsero children during the Guantanamo Base Cuban Rafter Crisis of 1994-1995.

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    Maria Quadreny

  2. Why did he beat you? Because he’s as much a tool as the implement/s he used to beat you with. Because he’s not a man but a minion, a vector for evil, not unlike a rat or an insect that carries and spreads disease. Because he’s expected to do such work and will get some gain from it, however paltry, and because he knows he can get away with such a crime in a system that’s built on crime and depends on it. But don’t worry. If his masters fall, he will conveniently “disappear,” and if he cannot, he will lie and/or pretend repentance and play victim or pawn of the “big” criminals (who cannot operate or survive without the smaller ones under them). You’ll see. If the crime syndicate that is Castro, Inc. falls, it will turn out, magically, that only a handful of “big shots” were really criminals, and everybody else was not all that bad, just, you know, “confused” or “deceived” or “coerced.” Just an unfortunate misunderstanding, that’s all. Wait for it.

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