He Thinks We Are Ignorant Frogs To Be Boiled Slowly … Update Added

Yes. Yes. Yes. But he said the same thing just a year ago. The fear for consumers then was the threat we would be seeing $3/gallon gasoline. Right now you will see more gas station signs with just at or over $4/gallon. The reasons we have seen this increase in just a year are obvious. This administration’s domestic and economic policies are intentional to take control of our energy habits by what they deem as some twisted tough love tactic. As if we are the addicts the left/liberals have been claiming for the last couple decades … addicted to oil/fossil fuel. It’s a ‘cold turkey’ ploy. A backdoor ‘cap and trade’ agenda. In the last week I have heard Obama-supporting talking heads claiming things are getting better. They say the gas prices are coming down because people are driving less. Well DUH! But everywhere people would be driving to and spending money at is suffering because “people are driving less” and don’t have extra money in the household budget to spend. I’m coming out of the grocery store with nearly half the haul for just about twice the price. The U.S. dollar has been so degraded by this administration’s bailout/stimulus policies, and the past few years of a spend-like-a-drunkin-sailor democrat Congress. The oil speculators have taken great advantage of the dollar’s situation in all of this. But exactly how easy would it have been for them had things been done completely different in response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico just a year ago? If we— HE had just bucked-up and carried on with oil production, and not nearly wiped it out in the eyes of the rest of the profiteering world and market speculators? Seems this administration is alone in the world in the belief that money and profits are dirty words.

Yet, just a week ago Obama claimed drilling wasn’t any sort of solution to the nation’s high gas prices.

This man’s opposition to U.S. domestic energy production and use was noted just weeks before the 2008 POTUS election, but the MSM was not offering it to the voting public for consumption or consideration. Only the “rightwing” blogs and conservative radio/TV exposed it.

When oil and gas prices began to climb he expressed not a desire to bring them down, but a preference they would have risen gradually. Then the American people would ‘adjust’.

So, what did Obama say in this morning’s weekly address?

1. He is turning it over to AG Eric Holder for investigation, these pesky high oil/gas prices, to look for any “fraud or manipulation” … Well, that’s pretty much how the open markets in a capitalistic economy rolls. Only, it’s not seen as “fraud and manipulation” in the sense he’s presenting it. It’s dog-eat-dog, Barry. Eric Holder, the AG of the USA’s DOJ never saw a case/investigation he simply just couldn’t resist politicizing. Yeah, that’ll turn out well.

2. Oh! He’s calling for expanding “safe and responsible oil production here at home” … Last spring’s BP oil spill was one of the worst ever for the nation, but was also a bit of an anomaly. US oil companies have greatly cleaned up their drilling and production practices.

So now he’s presenting increasing domestic oil production here as some incredible new idea that he suddenly came to all on his own. (It’s sorta kinda like killing Osama Bin Laden after using all the black-op tactics and CIA intel practices he kept in place from George W. Bush, but slammed and condemned since running for office in 2008.) Never mind just about EVERYONE with two working brain cells to rub together have been screaming for years, especially this last year since BP, to DRILL! BABY, DRILL!!! I can’t wait to hear Sarah Palin’s reaction to his brilliance this morning. You remember Sarah Palin? That evil ignorant, stupid, clueless broad?

And let’s not forget how he and his EPA and KenSalazar of the Department of the Interior not only halted domestic oil production in the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, but did so and held up permits in SPITE of federal judges’ rulings against their unconstitutional drilling moratorium … TWICE!

During this past year other countries such as China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela have been making plans or are stepping up drilling in the Gulf waters. Arab/Muslim countries have watched their leaders fall or are under threat, jeopardizing oil markets there. And most recently Obama has given Brazil funding to expand their oil production with an additional promise the USA will be Brazil’s biggest customer as they store it in the Gulf.

Oil drilling companies have pulled out of the Gulf, at least one going bankrupt, and Shell Oil lost billions of investment dollars in the Arctic when they recently gave up on the administration’s and EPA’s stall tactics. Both the local/state economies of Alaska and the Gulf states have and will be suffering because of all of this, not to mention the countless possible jobs lost. And then there are those lost jobs and closed businesses in the Gulf region in the last year of ‘mouning’ over the BP spill.

So, to top it all off Obama is creating, and funding (well, he’s creating it while we fund it), yet ANOTHER “team to coordinate work on Alaska drilling permits” … Alaska’s getting a friggin’ oil czar, I guess. The ONLY thing this guy nows how to create is more bureaucracy, and its additional accompanying debt.

3. And finally to take away oil subsidies (never mind “green energy” has been getting huge subsidies for years, and hasn’t produced so much as a fart’s-worth of energy yet … but we must depend on it …).

No, the oil companies are the ones who need investigated and grilled by the smug dogs and ponies in Congress that are too damn dumb and lazy to get a job anywhere else but a career spending other people’s money in the US government:

FYI: Who makes the most money from oil and gas prices???

The U.S. government does.

The U.S. economy is in the crapper, and all Obama and the democrats can come up with to get our economy back on track is to call for more taxes and no spending cuts, raising the debt ceiling, and strap the oil companies with more taxes (which would be passed onto the consumer) …

He has the audacity to cite the oil companies making $4 billion a week. I would bet that is far less than what the federal government takes in from taxes in a week … Yet, the U.S. government cannot exist on that? But the oil companies are wrong for profiting, expanding for more profits, hiring and paying more workers, developing newer and better technologies, procedures and products … putting money into research, giving education grants and donating money to charities, pumping money into the local economies? What exactly are we getting for all our future trillions of tax dollars the ponzi government is banking on? Failed entitlement and social programs, waste in endless pork projects, money to corrupt entities (see: U.N.) and countries, bailing-out (buying) private companies/industries it has no business buying and owning while it boosts corrupt unions and cronies, and expanding and adding to already bloated government jobs.

Forgive me if I side with the evil oil companies, folks.

I have my doubts about exactly how today’s drilling announcement by Obama will effect oil and gas prices. The man is not credible in anything he says. He is not good at gambling or playing the markets because he is wired to oppose such things, and to crush capitalism. Except, of course, if it means several wonderful vacations and parties in a year, great top of the line eats, and endless mornings and afternoons on the nation’s/world’s best golf courses. (He’s never had to pay for anything himself in his life, or take a loss and struggle to get back on his feet, or make a payroll, or seriously balance a budget for fear of losing everything.) The markets and speculators have learned this about him in these last two and a half years. They know how anti-business (small or large), anti-American taxpayer and anti-exceptionalism he is. They know his master plan and motivation for this country and our economy is the dreaded “green energy” ideology that ruined Spain’s economy. We are to become Europe at every level, from nanny state programs, to capped wages and life-draining government revenues while stifling individual freedoms and rights through government controls and regulations/restrictions.

Obama’s assertion about the American oil/gas consumer “adjusting” was right. As I pointed out it was just a year ago $3/gallon was horrific. As we fork over $4/gallon, with fears we could see $5/gallon by the end of summer, is there any doubt if gas station signs dropped to $3/gallon tomorrow the line of bumper-to-bumper cars would be wrapped around the block to fill`er -up? We have ‘adjusted’ … Rather, we have been conditioned to accept what was high and outrageous a year ago as acceptable and even good/cheap now. I dread to think what we will have adjusted to a year from now, and deem acceptable and good/cheap. But not to worry. Political speculators say Obama intends to raise at least a billion dollars to run for re-election in 2012, and he’s already started.

Ask yourself this: If everything this man has done and is doing, and planning to do is so great, and the nation is so much better-off than it was before he took office, and the future looks so darned bright for us all with him at the helm of the nation, why … WHY does he need so much money to get a second term in office? Especially when the 2012 GOP field is uncertain, at best … Today’s drilling announcement was less about helping the struggling American people and the economy, and more about a politically expedient play.

The only addiction here is not the American people’s addiction to oil and gas so that we can get to work and school, live clean, healthy, and comfortable lives while being productive and generous with ourselves and others. Oil and gas is the life blood to this nation’s growth, progress, and strength that has enabled us to help ourselves, and the rest of the world for generations. No, the addiction here is that of this man and the government to power, control, and the hard earned money off the backs of the American taxpayer.

He thinks we are are ignorant frogs in a boiling pot. He turns up the heat, then lowers it. Turns it up again, and lowers it again … Until he believes we cannot tell we are being cooked alive by the flame of this insanity.

He is wrong, and will be blowing a billion dollars come 2012 …

But that’s all this guy knows … How to spend and blow other people’s money.

Hopeless changeling …

Yes, he’s eating frog legs above.


My oil industry pal in La. adds that what may have finally pushed Obama to make Saturday’s address about opening drilling and granting permits was yet another recent ruling of a week ago Friday by Federal Judge Feldman (pdf), ruling against the Obama Administration’s obstinate, dismissive, and contemptible Department of Interior and Sec. Ken Salazar.

My friend adds:

“Your story is missing the most recent court decision of Friday a week ago, by Judge Feldman. This one was a doozy and swung the door wide open for every Tom Dick and Harry involved in the offshore drilling and exploration to force the Fede…ralies to take action in either issuing or declining permits, regardless of their claims of not having enough staff. It calls Zero’s bluff in a huge way. He was caught in the trap laid by his own actions. He took the only way out, a speech … And there were more than two previous rulings. Several more.”

Macondo was a very large anomaly and overhyped by the MSM & dumb bloggers trying to make Obama look worse than he already looked (clueless). They all helped Obama make his case for stopping leases and the moratorium on drilling permits. FYI, fish catches are at an all time high this spring. Marlin, yellow fin tuna, speckled trout, redfish, etc.. are being caught it record numbers.

Which we already know as our resident La. hunter and fisherman Humberto kindly shares photos from his catches here on Babalu.

My friend also reminds me that the GOP-led House in Congress a few days back passed a drilling bill that also helped in forcing Obama to the ‘verbal’ decision to re-open domestic drilling:

“Zero had to make these statements, especially after Feldman’s most recent ruling AND the GOP led House’s recent bill regarding drilling being passed. They both call his hand to be laid out for the public to see. He cannot withstand this onslaught. He has been caught in a trap.”

Added Bonus – Green Fail: Rocky Mountain Power may turn off solar program

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  1. God Help us all should he win another term. I’m certain all sorts of machinations are at play to steal this election too.

  2. Where are the liberals who blamed Bush for high gas prices, in summer, when they always go up, now that Obama’s prices are so much higher and not in summer?
    I would welcome one honest prominent liberal who would speak up now. Just one.

  3. great post; I agree with your friend in LA; I saw the ruling: he has decided to up the ante because he’s looking at the avalanche and thinks it’s best to ski right alongside it so no one will notice

    the creature is utterly despicable

  4. — for a bull’s eye assessment of what BHO is doing, check footnote 3 of the judge’s order

  5. If Obama is reelected it’ll mean the end of the America that we have known and it has been in decline for quite sometime. Not even a Marco Rubio Presidency will be able to save the country afterwards.

    America’s last great President was Ronald W. Reagan. No other Republican since has been able to defeat and contain the red menace like he did.

    It’ll take a miracle from God to save America from its destruction by the Marxist forces and its allies.

    Unfortunately the American people have become way too stupid to understand the abyss this current POTUS is taking the country with his lefties policies.

    Adding to the problem is the MSM that continues to play its leading role of praising Obama’s greatness (that has never existed) to the American people and many still buy into the MSM propaganda machine.

  6. And adding to America’s malaise is the lack of real principled Republicans with enough balls and leadership ability to stand up to this Marxist, Muslim, anti-American bullshit artist we have for POTUS today.

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