2 thoughts on “Another American tourist “spreading democracy” in Cuba”

  1. This payaso really looks like a burned-out pervert.

    He should be denounced to the treasury dept for travelling to the castro’s farm.

  2. Oh, no, no, no George, you’re wrong. You’ve got your eras all wrong! It was ONLY the tourists from back in the 1950’s who were exploiting Cuba, turning it into the “whorehouse of the americas,” and treating Cubans like trash in their own land [remember the Godfather II?]. The tourists from today have transformed, trans-morphed, transmogrified and literally metamorphized into democracy spreading agents. They are enlightened, progressive and only want what is best for Cuba.

    If you watch Hollywood movies, listen to college professors, read a plethora of scholarly books, listen to pundits on TV, Cuba experts and of course the regime itself, tourists today are good for Cuba.

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