6 thoughts on “El Camajan Barbudo #46”

  1. Yes, it’s a Cuban drag queen. Yes, it’s Fidel’s photo, held up to honor the man. Mariela’s work has had its results. In other words, some people can always be bought, manipulated and used as tools. Castro, Inc. knows ALL about that shit.

  2. Of course, it might also be a Cuban lesbian (he/she is too fat to tell if there’s an Adam’s apple), but my point remains the same.

  3. Photo caption: “Gracias, Fidel, por al fin dejar a las locas exhibirse sin temor, siempre y cuando sean locas castristas.”

  4. That’s right Henry, this is the rewriting of history by the Marxist forces.

    The truth becomes a lie and the lies become truth.

    Like Humberto says, UNREAL!!!

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