The Knights of Havana

A reliable source tells us that members of  Miami’s Knights of Malta have just returned from a trip to Cuba, where they’re reporting that they had a great time, the food was delicious and most importantly – that Cuba is not as bad as everyone claims.

Now let’s be sure not confuse these modern-day “Knights” with St. John of Jerusalem and the Catholic Church’s dashing crusaders for Christendom of the 11th century. This current bunch mainly sit around in funny looking clothes, practice weird initiation rituals, drink lots of wine (maybe that part is somewhat similar) and throw elitist parties.

Ironically, these Miami-based Knights of Havana and their spiritual leader, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, have yet to comment on the murder of Cuban dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto. It was a Baptist Minister who had the courage to stand up to the regime in defense of Soto.

How times change.

2 thoughts on “The Knights of Havana”

  1. If this is the “Maltese” trip that took place in February, it was led and accompanied by Archbishop Thomas Wenski. Maybe it went so well that they went back.

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