The latest from Victor Davis Hanson – a must read

Victor Davis Hanson is a national treasure. I know that is a trite expression and it’s been worn-out by overuse. But not in his case. He is, consistently, the best thinker and writer in the conservative new media.

In his latest,  “Why Affirmative Action Should Stop,” he cuts through a very sensitive subject — a third rail, if you will — with a honed scalpel and exposes the absurdity of the modern progressive’s Nurembergian* obsession with race and difference.

We have had about a half-century of racial preferences and often unspoken but real quotas for hiring and admission based on racial identity. If the original intent was to level the playing field for African-Americans and Latinos, who had been subject to systematic and often gratuitously mean discrimination throughout much of the American South and Southwest, nonetheless the current rationale for sustaining affirmative action has become a veritable nightmare of contradictions, biases, and incoherence that is now well beyond reform. Conservatives mostly believe this; an increasing number of liberals quietly think it.


It is a very human thing to identify with a tribe and see race as essential rather than incidental to the individual. It is also very human to seek advantage wherever it appears and not to give it up when it brings such dividends. Ending affirmative action will be acrimonious. The demagoguery will be unmatched, as millions who benefit from it will cite all sorts of reasons why it must continue. Articles like this will win charges of “racism” (last time I touched on the issue, I ended up in the Stanford Daily, with calls to my employer to mete out politically correct punishment).

Read it all. And use it as a template when you have to defend your position in this issue.

(* I refer, of course, to Germany’s Nuremberg Laws of the 1930s, not the Nuremberg War Crimes trials of the 1940s. Since you progressives don’t read much, I thought I’d clear that up for you up front.)