Castro regime continues repression of former prisoner of conscience
Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia

Many have said that being released from a Castro political prison into the general population is nothing more than being released from a small prison into a larger one. The Castro regime has in effect turned the island of Cuba into one large prison. When a prisoner of conscience is released from prison in Cuba, they are still considered property of the State, and the Castro regime has no qualms repressing members of the opposition either in the smaller prison or the larger prison that is the island.

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garica is a former prisoner of conscience who continues to suffer the brutality and oppression of the Castro dictatorship. There are no economic “reforms” for individuals like Ferrer Garcia, only unceasing violence and repression.

Via Hablalo Sin Miedo (my translation):

Message from José Daniel Ferrer García regarding the siege of his home – 18 of May at 1:53 PM

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At this moment the political police, the Communist Party, and other repressive bodies of the Castro tyranny are blocking access to my home in Palmarito de Cauto. When they see members of the opposition from other towns enter my home, or several of us meet, from this town, they activate their violent brigades. We hold Raul Castro responsible for all violent actions taken against us. This is Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, former prisoner of conscience.
End of message.