The very unpopular Raul

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

The Very Unpopular Raul
A new public opinion poll on Ibero-American leaders found U.S. President Barack Obama (57.2), Spain’s King Juan Carlos (51.6) and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera (47.9) with the highest favorability ratings.

At the very bottom of the list is Cuban dictator Raul Castro (24.3).

And just barely beating Raul were his partners is crime, brother Fidel (26.9) and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez (26.4).

The poll, conducted by Activa Research and the Ibero-American Consortium of Market Studies and Ivestigations (CIMA), interviewed 9,667 people in 20 countries throughout Latin America.

Raul’s popularity is also at a bare minimum (except with his brother) within Cuba, as an IRI poll found last month.

And that’s why the Castro’s selfishly and tragically rule by force — through the barrel of a gun.

3 thoughts on “The very unpopular Raul”

  1. Yeah, baby, I’m da man! I’m da man! And this here’s my puppeteer, er, Svengali, er, sole reason for ever getting anywhere near the big time! That’s right, nepotism rules! So get ready for Mariela, ’cause she’s coming at ya! And if you thought Kadhafi’s female guard was something, wait till you get a load of Mariela’s Drag Queen Brigade!

  2. many years ago, one of the comandantes made this reply to someone I know very well:

    “Cogimos el poder por las armas y solo por con armas nos sacaran”

    all said…..

  3. Jorge, that “comandante” was full of it, or at least only half right. Castro, Inc. did not seize power through military means, but through propaganda, useful idiots, fellow travelers, opportunists, envy, wishful thinking and absolutely appalling immaturity/stupidity/irresponsibility.

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