9 thoughts on “Cuba: Courage in the face of repression”

  1. People walk by and pretend not to notice him. He is all alone. This is so sad. I don’t know what he is saying; I’m assuming he is asking for liberty, but anyone watching this with no context would think he is merely a mad man. He does not get even one person to join him.

  2. Honey, you are absolutely right on target. While there are many brave dissidents inside Cuba, their struggle is an isolated one. The masses are simply too afraid to join in. If the masses continue to remain on the outside timidly looking in, or passing by and looking the other way, the castros have nothing to fear.

  3. Rayarena,
    But if we could get a proper president in 2012 and a better congress and we could get their ear, that would go a long way toward making the Castros fear. All it would take is a chorus from the free world of “The Castros are evil” and some people inside Cuba would develop the courage to stop and listen to this guy. It may not have happened so far, but I think the time is ripe for a different kind of treatment of Cuba.
    Imagine Allan West in the U.N. giving speeches like that. Wouldn’t that be fun?
    But I dream….

  4. Honey,

    Of course, if the dissidents had proper support, things could take an unexpected swing, but alas, Cubans are alone in this struggle.

    They are plagued by either a compliantly pro-castro mainstream American media [i.e. the NY Times, CNN, CBS, Time Magazine, etc…] or at best, an indifferent or ill-informed one. Thus, their struggle is barely reported to the masses. Instead, their daily beatings, arrests and even deaths get buried under the smokescreen emitted by the Cuban regime’s [propagandist] press releases that are then willingly published by the American MSM.

    For instance, every time that a dissident is killed or Tamayo’s mother is beaten again, we hear of yet another “reform.”

    Of course, the present administration is making too many overtures to the regime to see past their nose. Meanwhile, with every year that passes, the castros are accomplishing what they set out to do from the get-go: DIE-IN-POWER.

  5. Rayarena,
    In one sense you are not alone. There is a double standard everywhere where Israel is concerned, too. Of course Israel is strong militarily and has a more advanced country. But Cubans are spared some horrors. At least Cuba isn’t interesting enough to have suicide bomber attacks.

    But Israel used to have reliable friends among the diaspora and in both parties in the U.S. With Obama that has changed. Now it is okay to be anti semitic openly. It certainly is okay to be anti Israel. Even my Jewish liberal friends are still praising Obama, foolishly saying things like at least he’s doing something.
    All I can think of is don’t just do something – stand there.
    I am at a very low ebb in my feelings right now as I watch my Jewish community loving Obama with such passion, they are willing to sell Israel out, even as they think they are being Israel’s friend. They are like those Cubans who walk by feigning indifference to that brave soul on the roof. My friends must go along with Obama because if they question his choices, their whole world view must tumble and they will have nervous breakdowns.
    I understand this is not a comparable situation. One is fear of participating in the rage against the tyranny because there are serious repercussions, but the other is liberals’ fear of examining personal biases because of the serious repercussion that must come then to their whole world view.
    I don’t know if you get my drift.
    The bottom line is I am sad about what is going on in Cuba, as you know, and I am also sad about the relinquishing of brains in my Jewish liberal friends.

  6. Honey, they’re not just worried about their world view; they’re worried about their image and standing with others of their sort, whether Jewish or not. A significant part of the problem is fashion victimhood and a phobia of being marginalized or rejected by the “in” or “advanced” crowd. Another part of the problem, of course, is denial. Big time.

  7. You may be right on both counts.
    My diagnosis is different. They are so pro choice and so terrified of having the Supreme Court move to the right, that they will defend and support anyone who is pro choice. Right now that guy is Obama.
    The only way they would cease supporting Obama is if he suddenly declared himself pro life.
    Does anyone have the ear of Soros or Axelrod? Can anyone get them to convince Obama he would win if he were only pro life?

  8. Whatever it is, it’s ultimately irrational, which goes to show that even otherwise sharp people can be fooled–either by others or by themselves. Very sad, and very frustrating.

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