Co-Founder of United Farmers of America lobbies for Castroite murderers

Freedom For Cuba March

Dolores Huerta co-founded the United Farm Workers of America with Cesar Chavez and still serves as its “Vice President emeritus.” Nowadays she busies herself as an (unregistered) agent of the Castro regime lobbying for the release of a Castroite terrorist serving two life terms after conviction by U.S. juries on espionage and conspiracy to commit murder. In the parlance of the Castro regime and their agents (on the payroll and off) this terrorist and his accomplices are known as “The Cuban Five.” Here’s Cesar Chavez’s soul-sister reading Castro’s script about them.

Now here’s some background on “The Cuban Five” you won’t get either from Ms Huerta or from her soul-sisters and brothers in the MSM:

Our friends at Frontpage Magazine help inform with items not well-known outside Miami-Dade.

(Pero miren hasta donde ha llegado este Fontova con sus disparates!…Fijense que en el “news cycle” esta semana se encuentra que el U.S. Navy llama un barco por Cesar Chavez, (co-fundador del los United Farm Workers of America)…OK?… Pero resulta que Dolores Huerta era la otra co-fundadora y colega de Cesar Chavez…entonces este Fontova encuentra manera de usar ESTO (!) como un pretexto (como un “lead”) para informar sobre los Balseros, la Cuba de Antes, los Hermanos al Rescate, y la cobardia de Fidel Castro en la Sierra– sabiendo BIEN que en los Estados Unidos (y en el mundo, en general) no hay el minimo interes en estas cosas–ni en asuntos historicos de Cuba en general! Pero que tipo mas descar’ao!!!”)

2 thoughts on “Co-Founder of United Farmers of America lobbies for Castroite murderers”

  1. Humberto, please! It’s just another wise Latina being, uh, sisterly. If only “those people” weren’t (justifiably) paranoid and full of hate (for evil, but never mind), they’d appreciate such meddling, I mean, interest in their affairs. But don’t take it from me; take it from Juanes.

  2. I first heard about this old hag while waking up to “Latino USA” on NPR in my overnight earbuds one early Saturday morning. You’d think they had exhumed Mother Teresa and brought her back to life. What a piece of work, both the host Maria Hinajosa or whatever and Huerta both. Stupid is as stupid does ad infinitum.

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