Cuban blogger and independent journalist Luis Felipe Rojas under siege

After publishing photographs of the injuries inflicted by Castro goons on female members of the Cuban opposition, Cuban blogger Luis Felipe Rojas is suffering the consequences. The day after his post went up with the photographs, the Castro dictatorship sent the political police to surround his home and hold him under siege.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Luis Felipe Rojas is on the Castro dictatorship’s blog roll

On Sunday, Cuban independent blogger Luís Felipe Rojas published a post denouncing police for the beating of three women. (You can read it here in English.)

On Monday, the Castro dictatorship responded by sending its cops to surround Rojas’ home in Holguín.

Not surprisngly, Rojas remained undaunted, taking to Twitter to report what was happening and to name the name of the head thug.

Show the Rojas, and the dictatorship by reading his blog.

(H/T Punt de Vista)

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