Reina Luisa Tamayo will be sent to Arizona?

According to the organization ASPAZCO in Spain, Reina Luisa Tamayo informed one of its administrators via telephone that she has been told that when she travels to the U.S., she will be sent to Arizona, not Miami.

Here is the report from the blog of Angelica Mora (my translation):



Maripaz Martínez Nieto & Angélica Mora

As if her current vicissitudes were not enough, Reina Luisa Tamayo, the mother of the martyred Orlando Zapata Tamayo, and her family will be sent to the state of Arizona.

On June 9th, her and 12 family members will arrive in this state and not Florida, as they had anticipated.

The news was given by Reina herself to Maripaz Martinez Nieto — an administrator of Aspazco in Spain — during a telephone call.

The trip from Havana to the U.S. will be “in transit,” and neither Reina Luisa nor her family members will be allowed to leave the airport in Miami.

Reina Luisa explained: “They tell me that I have to be in Miami on the 9th, and that there a person will come to get me to take me to Arizona, which I believe is close to Miami. And they tell me that they have sent many Cubans there.”

The deceit is easy to see. Arizona is not “near” — it is on the other side of the U.S., and sending her there is a way of minimizing the impact of the arrival of a prominent exile.

5 thoughts on “Reina Luisa Tamayo will be sent to Arizona?”

  1. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I can’t see how they can be forced to go to Arizona or anywhere else. Once they are on U.S. soil,they should be free to go wherever they please.

  2. Omar:

    The way I understand the system works with Cubans getting visas to come to the U.S. is that they can come straight to Miami one of two ways: either the government has an apartment and aid available in Miami for them, or someone has to step up and take responsibility to house, clothe, and feed them. If no private individual does this, and there is no available space in Miami for them, they send them to another city where there is space.

    Now I find it hard to believe no one in Miami is willing to help Reina and her family out and take them in. I also find it hard to believe that the closest available space in the entire U.S. for them is in Arizona.

    All of this smells. In fact, it reeks.

  3. Another point…

    As far as I know, once they are settled in Arizona, Reina and her family are free to move to wherever they like. They will just have to give up any government assistance they were being provided with.

  4. It will not be such an alien place: Arizona has a huge Spanish-speaking population, plus it is a beautiful place, let’s not knock it. She will head back to Miami – or wherever her relatives are – soon enough. It will be a nice experience for her either way. The important thing is that she’ll be out of the hellhole where she has suffered so. With web access, her arrival can be documented and broadcast from any place to every place. And it should be; that would be a nice slap to the whoever concocted this trip trying to keep her out of the public eye. No way.

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