A Castro blogger suddenly discovers she is a slave

Although they exist in relative anonymity, the Castro regime has an army of bloggers and trolls that spend 24 hours a day posting and spreading Castro propaganda on the net. Few people pay any attention to these soldiers of misfortune since all they do is repeat the same garbage they are ordered to repeat by the dictatorship. They offer no intellectual arguments, intelligent discourse, or any interesting viewpoints; they only lather, rinse, and repeat.

I imagine that most of these modern-day Judases believe they are special, and that they hold positions of respect and privilege in the repressive Castro government. But when they try to cash in on these supposed privileges, they suddenly come to the realization that they are nothing but slaves doing the bidding of their slave master.

Eliane Diaz is one of those slaves who thought she was special. She thought her loyalty and persistent defense of the dictatorial Castro regime on her blog afforded her special privileges. However, when she asked permission to attend a conference outside of Cuba and was denied, she suddenly realized she was nothing more than a slave.

Punt de Vista has the report (my translation):

Eliane Díaz discovers, suddenly, that she has no rights

Blogger Eliane Diaz complains on ther blog that she cannot leave her country. It appears that she discovered yesterday that she, like more than 11-million Cubans on this planet, is subjected to a violation of Article 13 of the Declaration of Human Rights. This is something denounced by thousands of Cubans every day. She appears to be a well-informed person, therefore she can’t me tell she wasn’t aware that this is the norm on the island (or better said a violation, an abuse against human beings). Or was it that she expected to receive an exit permit as a benefit? Did she think she was an exception? Well it looks like her bosses on the island see her as just another Cuban, without rights to decide freely if she wants to reside in Holguin or in Havana. Therefore, if you are not free to live where you want in your own country, how can you dare to imagine that you can conveniently stroll through New York, Santiago de Chile, or Barcelona? Why would you speak well of the regime? Fine then, the Cuban Revolution, the dictatorship that you defend, is above your fundamental rights and your dreams, my dear Elaine.

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  1. the paper boat of idyllic revolutionary loyalty has crashed against the rocks of hard reality repression for this mis-infobabe ….. que pena

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