94 per cent of Cuba’s Jews fled Castro’s Revolution


The Russian Czarist regime that sponsored hundreds of pogroms and published and disseminated the Protocols of the Elders of Zion provoked the exodus of about 25 per cent of Russia’s Jews.

Now from today’s Jerusalem Post:

“About 94 percent of Cuba’s Jewish population fled the island after (Castro’s) Revolution.

Now from the Jerusalem Post Sept. 26, 2010:

“Netanyahu’s office sent out a statement Saturday saying Castro’s words “demonstrate his deep understanding of the history of the Jewish people and Israel.”

“Your words are like a surprising bridge between a harsh reality and a new horizon,” Shimon Peres wrote to Fidel Castro. “And for that I thank you with all my heart. You showed that even those distant be close.”

(Bueno, alguien me puede explicar que pretende Fontova con este post? Ahora que casi el entero pais, y ciertamente el entero sector conservador, esta aclamando a Netanyahu por su bofetada al Presidente Obama,–es AHORA que este Fontova mete este post!..Pero que tipo mas “PE’ SAO!!!”)

4 thoughts on “94 per cent of Cuba’s Jews fled Castro’s Revolution”

  1. Mr. Fontova said it like it is. He did not invent the words of Shimon Peres. Its a fact. What the Jerusalem Post printed is a fact.. Mr. Fontova did not invent that article.

  2. As you would say Humberto, unreal. Have they forgotten Castro’s long, long, ties to Arafat? Have they forgotten that Castro sent approximately 1500 Cuban troops to fight against Israel during the Yom Kipper War? I could go on and on, the only explanation I have for this insanity is that way too many Jews are infected by belief in a false God. His name is Marx.

  3. That statement by Netanyahu was bizarre, as if he’d made it while coming out of anesthesia or having a mini-stroke. No matter how you slice it, it was lamentable, to put it in diplomatic language. The president of Israel, whoever he may be, should be WAY above kissing up to an abhorrent totalitarian piece of shit with an interminable history of lies, terrorist ties and collusion with the very worst of humanity. Netanyahu demeaned himself by stooping to sweet-talk a decrepit dictator who is most definitely NOT a friend of Israel and never will be. Besides, anyone who’s at all familiar with Castro’s MO knows that all you get by playing nice to him is being suckered, if not sucker-punched. As I said, bizarre.

  4. Marx was a Jew who hated Jews and made no bones about it. He’s perfect for Jews who aren’t content with being the chosen people, but insist on being more “progressive” and “with-it” by adopting a new religion that so many of the “best” people have found so eminently “correct.”

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