Britain Welcomes Aleida Guevara, Victor Dreke–Bans Michael Savage for “Hate Speech”


Adding insult to injury a few weeks back, Britain hosted one of Castro’s premier butchers, Victor Dreke. “One of Che Guevara’s ‘pillars’ is in London for the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs,” headlined the UK’s Independent. “His belief in the socialist system remains resolute; his disdain for the US unchanged; his pride for what he, Che, the Castro brothers and the revolution achieved intact.”

The prideful “achievements” of Castro, Che and Dreke include jailing political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin during the Great Terror and murdering more Cubans than Hitler murdered Germans during the Night of Long Knives. Many more Cubans died while trying to escape these “achievements” than Germans died escaping East Germany. The “achievement” of this wholesale butchery was to plunge a nation with a higher per capita income and a lower infant mortality than half of Europe and deluged with immigrants into one that repels Haitians. Alas, in the process, the Castro brothers did “achieve” the power of Stalin and Mao.

Unmentioned by his British hosts is that their recent guest of honor, Che Guevara henchman Victor Dreke, had a very bloody hand in one of the major anti-insurgency wars of our hemisphere. Don’t look for this in your college textbooks, The History Channel, MSM, etc. but farm collectivization was no more voluntary in Cuba than in the Ukraine. And Cuba’s Kulaks had guns—at first anyway.

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  1. The depths of the Che myth are amazingly infuriating. To truly understand the psychosis of the Che cult you have to first realize that to Marxist-Lefties he is the closest thing to Christ (their commie Saint).

    Check out the idiotic bullet points below in italics of a Che-ophile on Humberto’s post at Townhall – included here verbatim only because it needs to be debunked point by point by Humberto in another article for its insanity …


    – Worked in a Leper colony and treated lepers (as seen in the excellent film ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’)

    – Was instrumental in teaching over 900,000 Cubans to read

    – Tended to thousands of sick campesinos

    – Helped construct dozens of schools throughout Cuba

    – Removed the Mafia and dictatorship of Batista from Cuba which had killed 20,000 Cubans and tortured thousands more

    – Desegregated the schools in Cuba before they were in the Southern US

    – Called out South Africa’s Apartheid in 1964, 30 years before the West!

    – Denounced the racism and KKK in America

    – Warned of the dangers of the IMF, 3 decades before most of the developing world realized they had been scammed into debt slavery

    – Left a bourgeoisie comfortable life of the upper class, a potential well compensated career as a medical doctor, and a high regarded governmental position, each time to slog through the jungle and fight guerrilla wars against impenetrable odds! … In fact, near the end it took 1,800 rangers to bring down his 25 men.

    Che’s “CRIMES” were:

    ~ Stopping American companies from owning 70 % of the arable land in Cuba

    ~ Teaching peasants to read, by bringing the Cuban literacy rate from 60 to 97 %

    ~ Having the 200 or so War Criminals who killed 20,000 Cubans for Batista shot against a wall

    ~ Fighting white mercenaries in the African Congo with an all black army

    ~ Speaking out against US and eventually USSR Imperialism while demanding that the poor of the world be allowed to live a life of dignity”

    = INSANE

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