I debated mentioning this to my Babalu family …


I’ve been a bit missing from the Babalu cabana for a couple reasons. First, during the Cuba Nostalgia weekend I didn’t want to post any of the political/current news clutter because I wanted the posts to reflect the concerns and stalwart mission Babalu was founded on for anyone new coming to the site via the weekend festivities.

Second, in the last few weeks I have been trying to get to the mountain of procrastinations in my life. I came to a decision to finally have corrective eye surgery (and needed to get things caught-up beforehand). Years of expensive contact lenses have beaten up my eyes (I simply can’t tolerate eye glasses for several reasons). The last few weeks my eyes have mended themselves beautifully sans contacts and a lot of TLC. I go in tomorrow morning under the laser (non-flap Epi-LASIK). I’m a little nervous, as anyone would be, but I’m also looking forward to opening my eyes in the mornings and being able to read the side of a cereal box. But unlike the flap procedure my healing and vision-clearing time could take a week or so. My eye surgeon is one of the best in the state, and has had this procedure herself. She ruled-out the typical LASIK with flap option because I have chronic dry-eyes, and my lifestyle is sometimes too ‘active’ to risk a flap. So, when it’s obviously possible I’ll jump back in the surf with the Babalu guys and gals.

Footnote: May I please request some prayers from my Babalu family for my oldest daughter who is pregnant with my second G-son “Matthew”? She’s having a difficult time and was just informed by her high-risk OB yesterday she has gestational diabetes. His words, “I’m hoping to get you to 34 weeks” … just a couple weeks away. This would be rough enough for Mom and baby Matty … but as an RN she just a couple months ago took a new job at a children’s hospital ER/trauma unit and needed to make it to August 1st to the day in order to be paid by the hospital while off recuperating from the pregnancy and C-section. It’s looking now like that ain’t happening, and her family is about to get hit even harder in these tough economic times without her income while out. “Stressed” is an understatement. She and my son-in-law are smart cookies. They have been cutting back and saving heavily just incase … but you know it’s never enough. It is what it is, and we’ll get through together. A nice juicy lotto-hit would help … 🙂

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  1. A big Cuban hug and lots of prayers headed your way. Good luck with the surgery. Seeing without glasses sounds wonderful. See you when you get back, and please keep us posted on how everything goes. Check your email!

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