1 thought on “The vile racism in Castro’s Cuba”

  1. Look, it’s very simple. Massah Castro makes himself out to be the Cuban MLK. It’s bullshit, but that hasn’t stopped quite a few foreign blacks from falling for it. Under Castro, no black or mulatto person has ever had serious power in Cuba, though token figures are a different story. However, the reviled Batista, who was a mulatto and came from a dirt-poor background, became the most powerful man in Cuba (and not always as dictator; his first stint as president was totally legit and based on the popular vote). Massah totally expects Cuban blacks to be VERY grateful because that’s what fits the “Cuban MLK” narrative, and Massah’s goons all follow Massah’s lead, obviously. Thus, any Cuban black who’s not duly “revolutionary” and more or less worships Massah (or pretends to) is treated as an abomination, a kind of odious mutant. Funny thing is, look at how many blacks are dissidence or opposition figures anyway. Massah must not be so “emancipating” after all. Relatively speaking, there are more anti-Castro blacks in Cuba than anti-Obama blacks in the US. Imagine that.

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