Liú Sanbtiesteban: Mariela Castro claims she and her family have ‘suffered’

Liú Santiesteban
Liú Sanbtiesteban

In an interview on a Spanish language show on Russia TV, Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuban dictator Raul Castro, talks about her family’s “suffering,” and how she has always been “free” and enjoyed the ability to “question” her father. It is quite a spectacle.

Liú Sanbtiesteban, from the blog Todo el mundo habla (Everyone is talking), shares her thoughts on the interview in a way that only the incomparable Liú can.

My translation:

One on One with Mariela Castro. A new interview #Cuba (video)

Wow, it looks like they want to sell us another Saint; let’s see who wins this singular battle that is brewing. Please notice what the princess is saying while at the same time she shakes her head in denial. Remember, this is an involuntary movement that reveals that we do not really believe what we are saying.

The interviewer almost has an orgasm from having her in front of her. The Mariela sells the notion that her family has suffered much with the dead in Angola, the fall of the communist empire, rafters. They have suffered so much that I feel like crying, those poor souls. My God, someone should bring an end to that suffering and put a bullet between their eyes. Thank you.

She says that she grew up in liberty, that her father allowed her to question. The subtext is: my father is not like Fidel. No, of course not, I say; he is worse. He kills those in prisons, in parks, he banishes the older ones and imprisons the younger ones 15 days later.

What an insolent skirt. Keep in mind she could be the third in line for the throne. She has the Gays and privileged artists in her pocket; and lately, she is everywhere.

Liú Sanbtiesteban.

11 thoughts on “Liú Sanbtiesteban: Mariela Castro claims she and her family have ‘suffered’”

  1. I listened to the interview from start to finish and its such a heavy dose of bullshit that I feel as I’ve been walking under a bridge with a hundred diarrhea prone cows passing overhead.

    It would be exhausting to methodically refute the bitch because everything that she says is based on a false premise, everything is a distortion, or an outright lie. She deserves to be bitch-slapped, kicked in the ass and shot between the eyes. Oh, and before that, cantarle las cuarentas.

    The one revealing comment is when the princess states that the world press has been very fair to her [read this is pro-castro]. We all knew that!

  2. Mariela is only what she must be, based on genes, upbringing and position (with all its vested interests). She is the dictator’s daughter and designated PR person for foreign consumption. I mean, what the hell else is she going to say or do? Her repulsively fawning and accommodating interviewer, who’s fairly representative of how the media treats Mariela, is relatively more contemptible because she’s SUPPOSED to know and do far better–Mariela is not.

  3. I tried as long as I could to listen to this repulsive hypocrite, in spite of her voice alone sending me into convulsive fits. Even if she wasn’t a Castro, I would still consider this witch with a *b* a total PESADA. But when she got to the part of saying Che was so very ‘tender’, I hit stop. Nothing of this monster in mosquita muerta outfit holds any interest for me.

  4. Asombra,

    You’re absolutely right. She must be what she is. Aside from genetics [born into a reptilian family with contaminated ice-water for blood], and upbringing [raised by a pack of hyenas], her family empire– that is to say, her inheritance–is at stake.

    She will defend it till the end. No question there.

  5. Ok, now I got to about 4 minutes of this crap and couldn’t take it.
    Please lets not see her puss again, no pun intended.

  6. Ok, again now I got almost to the end of it, but I had to stop, the nonsense is a bit much.
    She reminds of an old girlfriend, Connie is that you with that bad Spanish accent? I thought you lived in DC?
    This can not be for free people to see, it must be geared for Cuba, maybe like elementry school.
    She probably spends more time in Spain and Europe than in Cuba.
    You know its good to the princess. Like Carlos Erie would say-coño que mierda!
    Que tipa mas descarada.

  7. Mariela is not just her father’s daughter. Her late mother was also a piece of work. She came from a high-bourgeois background and never gave up that cushy lifestyle, despite copious proletarian lip service and public militancy as a “revolutionary” feminist (who happened to owe her position to being Mrs. Raul Castro). During her pre-1959 guerilla phase, she tipped off Batista’s police to the whereabouts of Frank Pais, a prominent (but anti-communist) underground leader in the anti-Batista struggle, which led directly to his death. Pais, who had previously been romantically involved with her, was a potential rival to Fidel, and she was part of Fidel’s faction. Some years ago, she attended an international women’s conference also attended by Hillary Clinton, and Hillary made an indecently big fuss over her. Imagine that.

  8. A few years before the Vilma Espin croaked, some reporter asked the old harridan a critical question about the situation inside Cuba and she flared up and replied something like this:


    The sense of entitlement and absolute power that this family wields is obscene.

  9. For those who may not know, Vilma Espin was Mariela’s mother. “Vil” is also Spanish for vile, which fits nicely. That’s why some Cubans call Hillary’s husband Vil Clinton.

  10. Well,

    I think most of us need Cuba therapy, this gal has gotten way too much attention.
    Hillary, admiring Vilma is no suprise.
    How about the election in Peru and that piece of crap Zelaya going back to Honduras?

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