EU slapped Economic Sanctions against Serbia for failure to arrest human-rights violators


Top Two: Alleged Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic in command (on left) and under recent arrest (on right.)

Bottom Two: (Top)Photographic evidence of war criminality by good chum and business partner of EU Pres. Miguel Angel Moratinos. (Bottom) Photographic proof of this affectionate relationship

Serbian President Boris Tadic said that following Mladic’s arrest and extradition to the war crimes court in The Hague, he will now focus on turning this Balkan nation into a free-market democracy where international business can thrive.

That is the only way to bring new investors in our country and to increase living standards,” Tadic said, following his meeting with EU President Herman Van Rompuy. Mladic’s status was the largest obstacle Serbia faced in achieving closer co-operation with the EU.

Van Rompuy, meanwhile, told Tadic to speed up reforms in key sectors — such as the justice department — so an EU summit in December can approve the candidate status of the Balkan nation.

But doesn’t the EU realize that their sanctions against Serbia only “punish the Serbian people?” Don’t they realize that their archaic grudges and impractical policies (against Serbian leaders who provided free-healthcare and education to their subjects) prevent any dialogue with Serbian leaders from “moving forward”?

Now let’s be consistent here. If I follow the EU’s logic regarding Human-Rights violations in the Balkans, before the EU would deign to even consider doing business with a free Cuba, President Biscet or Prime Minister Sigler-Amaya, or Vice. Pres. Beatriz-Roque would be forced to meekly genuflect before the EU and deliver Raul, Fidel and Ramiro to the International Court to answer for their war (and peace) crimes?….or am I missing something?

(BTW, Milosevic’s regime provided free and universal healthcare for Serbians)