A delegation of American women leaders visiting Cuba are ‘excited’ about the Raul’s ‘reforms’

The Castro-friendly Center for Democracy in the Americas (a misnomer to say the least) has sent a delegation of American women leaders to Cuba to meet with the monarchical dictatorship’s princess, Mariela Castro, the daughter of dictator Raul Castro. The delegation arrived last Sunday, and they wasted not time telling Princess Mariela how “excited” they were about her father’s “reforms.”

Delegation of US women leaders meet with Raul Castro’s daughter during visit to Havana

HAVANA (AP) — A group of U.S. women leaders met with Cuban President Raul Castro’s daughter Monday for an exchange on topics including gender, reproductive health and gay rights.

The delegation, which arrived in Havana on Sunday, includes Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile and former U.S. Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat who resigned in February and now heads the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

“I believe that Cuba is our immediate neighbor and it is time to liberalize U.S. policy toward Cuba,” Harman said.

“It is very exciting to hear about some of the social changes going on in your country,” she added, apparently referring to a host of economic reforms initiated by Raul Castro to try to boost Cuba’s flagging economy.

One has to wonder if Harman is also “excited” about some other “reforms” and “social changes” taking place on the island:

Is she “excited” about the beating death of Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia?

Is she “excited” about the prison sentences handed down to opposition members for passing out pro-democracy leaflets?

Is she “excited” about the considerable increase in arrests and detainment of dissidents on the island?

Is she “excited” about the way Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera was beaten unconscious by State Security?

Is she “excited” about the 274 arrests of activists on the island in May, or the 1,393 arrests this year?

Is she “excited” about the constant beatings and harassment activists on the island are subjected to on a daily basis?

Tell us, Rep. Harman, just what is going on in Cuba today that has you so excited?

3 thoughts on “A delegation of American women leaders visiting Cuba are ‘excited’ about the Raul’s ‘reforms’”

  1. Raul is a reformer, DAM IT! It doesn’t matter how absolutely lame and asinine his reforms are, it doesn’t matter how many people are imprisoned, killed, dragged-down-the-streets by BAT AND CHAIN wielding Rapid Response Brigades, it doesn’t matter if things are actually worst now than when fidel was in power [if that’s possible: sort of like gradations in the different levels of hell!] the MSM claims that he’s a reformer and By Golly if you skin them alive, they’ll keep on repeating it till the last breath that they have. Sort of like the Healthcare and Literacy carnard. Fifty-two years later and–and despite being debunked– they’re still singing High Hosannas to fidel.

  2. How exciting.. Another group of “Liberal” Americans going to Cuba to kiss @ss with Raul.
    Maybe the Totalitarian Communist Dictator will treat them to a real live performance of his Mobs Squads beating and kicking defenseless Cuban mothers and Grandmothers.
    These traveling scum bags of denigration representing our nation….Disgusting!!

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