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Secretary Condoleeza Rice in a speech opening the The Wave of Freedom: Early Lessons from the Middle East conference at the George W. Bush Presidential Center this past May 26, 2011:


“I do think that particularly in Cuba when Fidel Castro dies, and he will eventually, that his brother is going to find that he is not just going to be able to appropriate Fidel Castro’s authority to himself. And I would hope that by then the international community would have said to Cuba, you need a way to a transition to democracy. Rather than hoping that Raul Castro somehow is going to be a reformer, state the principals, start to put into place a transition for a democratic transition. It may take a while, because there are no institutions in Cuba, but particularly the Organization of American States, where Cuba is the only country that cannot take up its seat at the Organization of American States, because it doesn’t have an elected president. And the European Union needs to be speaking out for the right for the Cubans for that transition.”

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. If Rice thinks the OAS will ever fly right, especially regarding Cuba, she must believe in the tooth fairy.

  2. I remember when Condolesa “compromised” regarding Insulza’s election to the OAS top post which has turned out to be a real disaster for the region as he’s obviously a lefty (that calls himself a Democrat) on the services of Hugo Chavez.

    I believe Condolesa Rice was an expert dealing with the old Soviet Union. Unfortunately when it comes to Latrine America issues I don’t think that she knows her head from her ass regardless her much touted doctorate.

    The fact that George W. Bush (and Condolesa was a key player in his administration) did nothing to stop Hugo Chavez in his tracks speaks volumes on how little attention the former administration paid to the growing red tide threat South of the Border. This misstep would not have happened under a Ronald W. Reagan administration.

    I don’t mention Obama or former President Clinton because we all know those two Marxists wouldn’t do anything to topple another Marxist, but in the case of George w. Bush he should have known better not to ignore Hugo Chavez threat to the region with Chavez’s mentor Fidel Castro pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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