Ignorance on Cuba — Ignorance breeds more ignorance

If you could only name one thing that has negatively affected U.S. policy towards Cuba’s totalitarian dictatorship, it would have to be ignorance. Once you leave South Florida, there is a steep and precipitous decline in knowledge and understanding of the reality of Cuba’s ruling dictators and the misery suffered by Cubans enslaved by that regime. Although it would not take much effort to educate oneself in regards to Cuba, most people prefer to remain in a fog of http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_AhPOD6kdyGQ/SO04lp4_R4I/AAAAAAAAB4c/Pu9m6-beEDc/s400/Donna_Brazile_1.jpgignorance, relying on the Castro propaganda being disseminated by the compromised press and “Cuba Experts” as the only source of information regarding the island.

A sad yet perfect example of this astounding ignorance comes from the delegation of women leaders sent to Cuba by the Center for Democracy in the Americas. Democrat party strategist Donna Brazile is part of that group, and in spite of being inside the island prison, to her own disservice, she perfectly illustrates her complete and utter ignorance in regards to Cuba.

Yesterday, Brazile and other members of her delegation visited Alan Gross, the American aid worker being held hostage by the Castro regime. Brazile and the other members visiting him are well aware that Gross was arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to 15 years for helping members of the Jewish community in Cuba connect to the internet.

However, the day before visiting Gross — who is imprisoned for giving Cubans access to the internet — Brazile complained about the lack of internet access on the island and tweeted the following message from Cuba:

Donna Brazile
Never thought I would hustle for a signal to communicate given my love for technology. needs to modernized and connect more buildings.

Apparently, the irony of Brazile’s tweet complaining of lack of internet access in Cuba the day before visiting an American imprisoned for trying to give Cubans internet access is completely lost on her. Her ignorance is so breathtaking that not only does she fail to perceive the irony of her statement, she also seems to believe the lack of internet access in Cuba has to do with lack of modernization and infrastructure on the island. Apparently, the fact that the Castro totalitarian dictatorship prohibits Cubans from accessing unfiltered information and controls every aspect of their life is completely lost on Ms. Brazile.

And here you have yet another example of how ignorance on Cuba is perpetuated; Donna Brazile, a well known and I assume respected political strategist, perpetuating the same ignorance that has helped keep the Cuban people enslaved for more than half a century.

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7 thoughts on “Ignorance on Cuba — Ignorance breeds more ignorance”

  1. Brazile gets so much press for being such a hollow non-entity…. only in America can she make this kind of living.

  2. It’s not often I can praise Chris Matthews for anything, but this nitwit Donna Brazile (Al Gore’s campaign manager) was on his show once and disdainfully referred to Tom Delay as an “exterminator”. Chris Matthews said that from what he could tell, it’s better to be a successful exterminator than a failed campaign manager.

  3. It’s not ignorance. She “knows” what she’s supposed to know, given her politics and position. She “ignores” or dismisses or distorts everything else, as expected. She’s got loads of company. By the way, is it the photo, or does she have violet hair? Hair coloring apart, she was perfect for Gore.

  4. “Cuba needs to modernize.” Is that like “Bill Clinton and DSK should have controlled their urges”? Or like “China should simply embrace true democracy”? Or like “Fatuous assholes who’ve been that way their entire lives should become wonderful people”? She sounds pretty sharp to me.

  5. I would respectfully disagree. Donna Brazile is not ignorant — she knows EXACTLY what life is like in Cuba. The problem is that she’d be perfectly content for us to live in identical manner here in the US — a society composed of a ruling elite (of which she of course is a member), and the rest of us scraping by for a living as compliant bottom-feeders, keeping our mouths shut, and we of course being entirely dependent on those such as her to survive. When you are a neofascist, it’s nice to be needed, and when in power they will ensure that they are, and woe be unto those who don’t comply.

  6. This is like to cite a rope in hanged-man’s home.
    She would had said: next time I will bring some good gadget for remote access to the internet…right?

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