Media Macabre: Rake The Palin Muck for Us, Readers

The American media is slobbering over the about to be released truck-load of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s emails while in office. Since the electrifying political firebrand lives rent-free inside the American media’s dense bone-domes two of the bigger news publications (The New York Times and The Washington Post) are reaching out to readers to help them sift through said emails to find whatever perceived ‘damning’ evidence they can twist and craft from the correspondences NOT meant for public consumption.

Remember, these are the same people looking to ease and buffer the current Weinergate as no big deal. The same people who always run to the defense of emails and wire communications of this nation’s enemies, outside and within. They are the very same people who refused to seriously and completely vet then candidate Obama in 2008 whose various sealed records and documents have been successfully denied FOIA, and continue to look the other way with his current un-Constitutional abrogations, not to mention his continuation and escalation of national security practices that Pres. Bush was damned for. Oh, and how about those ‘other’ wars he has started.

It is also the same media that refused to put any effort into sifting through the damning ClimateGate emails of the U.K.’s University of East Anglia. Instead, bloggers were blasted for ‘hacking’ into the contents of these emails. Never mind the planned world restructuring based on the university’s science fiction would greatly impact American freedoms/rights, and our economy more than anyone else’s in the world.

I would bet my house they will not be finding any sexually explicate self-portraits, or illicit correspondences between Palin and under-age staffers. Or bookkeeping for a prostitution ring being run out of her basement.

I am not certain who is worse … The NY Times or WaPo, or their readers that will feverishly and eagerly oblige the publications this free legwork on this unending trashing and witch hunt of Gov. Sarah Palin.

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5 thoughts on “Media Macabre: Rake The Palin Muck for Us, Readers”

  1. I hope this works. I just got this from the Jews for Sarah pac website.
    If more people could hear this guy who made the movie about Palin, she would become our next president. She could be better than Reagan.

  2. I know it’s 38 minutes, but those who love Palin will love that video. Those who think she can’t win and those who don’t like her at all and those who don’t know enough about her should really make an effort to find the time to watch those 38 minutes. It is a very impressive talk before the Heritage Foundation. I can’t wait to see the movie!
    Palun/Toomey in 2012.

  3. Can you imagine (OK, humor me) if anything at all close to this obsessive, relentless persecution and demonification of Palin were aimed at a liberal? Four words: “VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY!!!!” And they all know it, every damn one of the usual suspects, but of course it doesn’t matter. Just as truth, fairness and propriety don’t matter. The Palin Derangement Syndrome has gone WAY beyond inappropriate and embarrassing; it’s now downright sordid, if not obscene.

    And I’m supposed to trust or respect these people, on any topic, when they carry on like this? I’m supposed to believe they’re objective and unbiased? What else does it take to discredit the media as blatantly, shamelessly partisan?

  4. asombra –

    The same people who are discounting Weinergate and complaining about going into his ‘private’ internet exchanges are cheering the digging into Palin’s old emails.

    Fact is, the woman is no longer an elected official … political celeb, yes, but not an elected official with responsibilities… and owes nothing to the MSM (as seen in her beautifully played recent bus tour where she didn’t give the MSM her schedule and they had to chase from behind … “fearing for their lives!” as CBS lamented).

    Weiner IS a sitting elected official who blatantly used his position as part of the power trip in his photo displays and enchanges with the women in question.

    This country is completely back-asswards right now. And it IS the MSM fueling it. Then you have the stupid-assed lazy masses willing to be led by the nose…

  5. “This country is completely back-asswards right now. And it IS the MSM fueling it. Then you have the stupid-assed lazy masses willing to be led by the nose…”

    Completely nailed it Maggie,

    This is the essence of what is going on in America today.

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