Ladies in White marched on Sunday and chanted ‘Zapata Lives!’

While the Castro regime continues to repress, detain, and imprison democracy activists on the island, the Ladies in White have vowed to continue marching every Sunday in the support of those imprisoned, and in protest against the dictatorship. This past Sunday, the Ladies in White conducted their weekly march down the streets of Miramar, Cuba, and on this occasion, they courageously chanted “Zapata Lives!”

Via the website of CID: Cuba Independent and Democratic (my translation):

Ladies in White: Zapata Lives!

The Ladies in White marched yesterday, Sunday June 12, demanding liberty for Cuban political prisoners after attending the ceremony of the Holy Eucharist at the Santa Rita church in the Miramar neighborhood where chants of “Zapata Lives!” were heard.

Thirty-six women, among them family members of political prisoners, wore white and carried gladiolas in their hands, carrying out a Sunday march down 5th avenue of the Miramar neighborhood punctuated by chants of “Zapata Lives!” in spite of the rain.