If you ever doubted the Church in Cuba has been compromised…

If you ever had any doubts whether or not the Catholic Church in Cuba has been compromised by the Castro dictatorship, this should eliminate all of them.

Here we have Monsignor Carlos Manuel de Cespedes saying that the relationship between the Church in Cuba and the brutal, murderous, and tyrannical Castro regime is just fine. In fact, their relationship is in some cases better than the relationship in other countries.

Oh, and those early days of the revolution when priests were sent to work camps or expelled from the country, and Cubans faced persecution and imprisonment for attending church services? Well, that was just a misunderstanding and both the Church and the Cuban government were to blame.

Monsignor: Church Faring Better in Cuba Than Many Other Lands

HAVANA – Monsignor Carlos Manuel de Cespedes feels that the Cuban Catholic Church’s current situation is “completely normal” and even “better” than in many countries.

“Nowadays – I don’t believe that I’m saying anything foolish – the Church’s situation in Cuba is a normal situation, completely normal, as it could be in any other Catholic country and better than in many,” the influential priest declared in an interview published Wednesday on the government Web site Cubadebate.

Referring to the “confrontations” that occurred between the Church and the Cuban government after the triumph of Fidel Castro’s revolution in 1959, Cespedes said that the responsibility for that conflict was “shared.”

He emphasized that fortunately there were always people in both sectors – the Church and the government – who were concerned with sowing the seeds of cooperation, something that, he said, “over the course of time bore fruit.”

“It has not been anything imposed or rapid. It’s been a slow maturation, but I think it’s been sincere on the part of both parties,” he said.

4 thoughts on “If you ever doubted the Church in Cuba has been compromised…”

  1. And how is the RCC church in Cuba funded? Not by Cubans in Cuba that is for sure. It is funded by all practicing Roman Catholics, including those in Miami.
    If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

  2. In a sense, this prelate is worse than Cardinal Ortega. Not only is he more overtly Castro-friendly, but he is the direct descendant of one of the greatest men in Cuban history, which means he is a traitor and a disgrace to his heritage–specifically, to the cause of Cuba’s freedom for which his great ancestor lived and died. Note also the incongruous and ostentatious decoration he’s wearing, suggesting the sins of pride and vanity, which his facial expression seems to second. He is also said to be a closet case that opted for the priesthood as a respectable cover, since the only other option for a socially prominent male of his generation would have been a sham marriage. Deeply disgusting.

  3. This Monsignor has publicly expressed his admiration, not to say devotion, for San Ernesto de las Camisetas, aka Che Guevara. And no, he wasn’t defrocked on the spot, probably not even reprimanded. There was, after all, the precedent of Pope John Paul II, now officially beatified, speaking fairly nicely of dear Che. Apparently, despite his personal knowledge of communism and its “heroes,” the pope bought into the Che myth, or chose political correctness over plain truth. Besides, it could be argued that offending Cubans was less problematic or more practical than offending the far more numerous “Latins,” not to mention all the liberal or “progressive” Che lovers in the first world.

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