John Kerry: No… wait, yes… uh, actually no… what may come as a surprise to many Americans, Senator John Kerry has flipped, flopped, and flied on funding for democracy programs in Cuba. The senator, who is well known for never wavering and standing firm on all issues, surprisingly cannot seem to make up his mind.

USAID requests proposals for Cuba programs

The U.S. Agency for International Development is pushing ahead with Cuba programs worth $21 million, although another $20 million remains blocked after oddly mixed signals by aides to Democratic Sen. John Kerry.

Staffers on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, chaired by Kerry, lifted his “hold” on the money Friday but put it back on ice Monday, said several U.S. government officials.

“Something smells bad,” Investor’s Business Daily wrote in an editorial that quoted unidentified Capitol Hill sources as pointing a finger at a “rogue” committee staffer “with pro-Cuba sympathies.”

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