Oh, Snap!

Texas Gov. Rick Perry not sounding like he’s not running at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

Dave In Texas @ Ace of Spades grabs a “Check List” from the video:

“This administration in Washington clearly believes that government is not only the answer to every need but it’s the most qualified to make essential decision in every area.. ” It’s arrogant. Check.

“EPA, killing jobs in Louisiana. They think they know best. I disagree.” Check.

Gray hair that I recall seeing a month or so ago. Gone. Check.

“Bail out money for businesses ‘too big to fail’. Bad” Check.

Points to the future, and ponders our present actions. Check.

“Revive the American dream”. Check.

And now the Texas story. Job creation. 47.8% of all jobs created in the nation in the last 2 years. Total check. Balanced budget. Check check.

My source is telling me he’s running. We shall see …