Pablo Milanes to play at American Airlines Arena in Miami you pay anywhere from $45 to $165 to see a Castro propagandist and apologist play in the heart of the Cuban exile community? Unfortunately, there will be too many Cubans in this town who will.

Café Fuerte is reporting (in Spanish) that Castro singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes will play a concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on August 27th. For those of you unfamiliar with Miami, the AA Arena is the home of the Miami Heat and one of, if not the premier venue in South Florida.

Not only is Pablo Milanes going to arrive in a town filled with victims of the tyranny he has so vehemently promoted, defended, and protected, he is being afforded the best venue available. Apparently, Hugo Cancio and his Fuego Entertainment is expecting ticket sales to be plentiful enough to justify the 19,600 seat arena, and I would not be surprised if that were the case.

In addition to Miami being the home of Cuban exiles who fled the tyranny of the Castro regime, it is also Ñangara central. This city is filled with profligate opportunists who can shake their hips to any music, no matter how bloody it might be. The only concern these ñangaras have is their own pleasure and entertainment; they are, in essence, Fidel Castro’s “New Man.”

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  1. Cubans supporting Milanes and Cubans supporting Cardinal Ortega. Whats the difference? Unless of course you are from one camp or the other then you will point your finger at the “other” traitor.

  2. The two of them are H de P tas.It really hurts knowing that so many have drown ,been killed or just vanish due to the Castro totalitarian Communist Dictatorial.
    Yet there are imbeciles who live in a free society that will pay money to see and hear singer artist who represents the reason that most of them left their country.

  3. I didn’t come up with it, but it’s perfect: el puerquito llorón (the crying piggy). Milanés has, uh, weight issues (always sings sitting down) and a mournful delivery. His compositions include (of course) an ode to Che, among other “revolutionary” tripe, I mean treasures. All ideology aside, just look at him: who’d want to sit through (let alone pay for) an evening of listening to an old fat guy being all verklempt?

    To his credit, he did not sign the infamous public letter supporting the summary execution of three young black men for trying to flee Cuba, which many Cuban “luminaries” signed, including Silvio Rodriguez and Miss Norma Desmond herself, Alicia Alonso. Of course, maybe crying piggy was just too depressed to pick up a pen that day.

  4. “El puerquito llorón” was coined by Roberto Luque Escalona, who writes a great weekly column (in Spanish) for

  5. Wow! What a perfect moniker, “el puerquito lloron!”

    It’s unbelievable what 50 years of tyranny have done to the exile community. It’s brainwashed so many people inside Cuba that are now living in Miami that our community has been transformed. These Cubans who come to the USA are no longer even exiles. They come here in order to make money so that they can take the first plane back to Cuba to visit la familita, or fill up AA Arena in Miami in order to see Milanes. And God forbid you criticize them for doing so. They will unleash their fury on you like they never did against the tyranny!

    Sad part is that genuine exile performers like Chirino, Lissette, etc..could never hope to play a venue even a 1/10 that size!

    With is last two non-senile neurons, castro must be laughing his ass off!

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