Cuba and Venezuela: The Same Tyranny

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Cuba and Venezuela: The Same Tyranny

Since 1999 many have insinuated that Venezuela is being governed from Havana.  For those who still doubted such an insinuation, 12 years later it has become a crude reality.  One Wednesday, June 18th 2011, Hugo Chavez traveled to the Cuban island to receive “a corrective surgical procedure” after suffering from a “pelvic abscess”.  Two days after his supposedly successful operation, the Venezuelan mandatory is still in Cuba.  Meanwhile, in Venezuela the National Assembly, which is dominated by pro-Chavez politicians, declared that “Chavez is completely authorized to remain in the Republic of Cuba because of his sudden health situation, and he may remain there until he is once again in conditions to return to Venezuela”, thus approving his power to dictate laws all the way from the island.  And Chavez has not wasted time in trying to show off that he is still the one calling the shots.  He already gave the green light to a law which would allow duplicating the indebtedness of Venezuela for 2011.  Now, Venezuela really is being ruled from Cuba, literally.

This, which seems to be more part of a circus than of a government, has led many Venezuelan dissidents to express their discontent, rightfully feeling a sense of worry in regards to the present and future of their country.  The Venezuelan civil lawyer Sonia Guanipa Rodriguez explains that “thanks to the existence and work of a National Assembly which is illegitimate in nature and practice, and which approved an unconstitutional law, we are in the presence of continuous violations of the Constitution.  Caracas is where the organs of national power are concentrated and such authority can be exercised throughout the Republic“.   The activist indicates that, based on the law, there is just one small important detail:  “Constitutionally, Cuba does not form part of Venezuela“, she declares.  “This situation just confirms the fact that Chavez does whatever he wishes to do without considering the law, following the example of his ‘revolutionary heroes‘”.

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  1. Me thinks that the Castros (a long time ago) developed a secret stepford solution and introduced into the Cuban water system to successfully mollify and tame the population, sharing it with only one other partner/country (Hugo-Venezuela) in all of that time – when they realized the opportunity to suck on ‘Black Gold’. How else can you explain the longevity of their thuggish raping of their respective countries, and the appeasing reaction from the majority of the population.

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