Alan Gross Cuba Hostage Crisis Update: Day 561

Today marks day 561 of the Alan Gross Cuba Hostage Crisis where an American aid worker has been held hostage by the Castro dictatorship in exchange for an unidentified monetary and/or political ransom. In the latest development, the imprisoned Gross, who has lost nearly 100 pounds, is awaiting to hear news of his fate from the dictatorship.

Jailed American awaits Cuban court decision

(Reuters) – Jailed U.S. aid contractor Alan Gross is awaiting a decision on his case by Cuba’s highest court and trying to stay strong while his family’s situation worsens back home, wife Judy Gross said Thursday.

A U.S. delegation recently visited him and said he appeared to be doing well given the circumstances, but she told Reuters in a statement that the truth is otherwise.

“Alan’s health deteriorates daily; he has lost nearly 100 pounds. While he is trying to make the best of a bad situation and put on a brave face, the truth he is suffering tremendously,” she said.

Apart from his own incarceration, his wife said Gross is deeply worried about the couple’s 26-year-old daughter, who had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer in February, and his 89-year-old mother, who was diagnosed with lung cancer at about the same time.

She did not mention it, but sources close to the family said Judy Gross recently had surgery for an undisclosed ailment.

Gross, 62, has been jailed for 19 months and in March was sentenced to 15 years in prison for bringing Internet communications equipment to Cuba under a secretive U.S. program promoting change on the communist island.

The case has brought U.S.-Cuba relations to a standstill after a brief period of improvement under U.S. President Barack Obama, who eased U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba and allowed a free flow of remittances to the island.

3 thoughts on “Alan Gross Cuba Hostage Crisis Update: Day 561”

  1. In the meantime Raul Castro is in good health and laughing and playing the robust charmer when people snap pictures of him.
    Why should this family be suffering so much? And why should the Castros be getting away with this? Where is the msm on this?

  2. Honey, I know that you’re asking a rhetorical question, but the answer is that Cuba is not a “right-winged” dictatorship.

    Go back 3 decades to the 1970’s and in military-ruled Argentina, there was a leftist Jewish journalist by the name of Jacobo Timberman who was arrested and allegedly beaten up. The MSM went into a frenzy over this. Hollywood even made one of those made-for-TV movies based on events. Meanwhile, portly Mr. Timberman didn’t looks over 50 pounds like Mr. Gross has while in prison, and his health wasn’t compromised like Mr. Gross’s was, but, alas, Timberman’s arrest was news and Gross’s is not.

    It appears that sometimes some people are more equal than others.

  3. Honey, Ray is right on target. For practical purposes, as opposed to lip service, this is not about human rights but about ideology and political correctness or fashion. It’s disgustingly hypocritical and morally bankrupt, but it is what it is. Gross is simply a victim of the “wrong” side, an anti-American leftist regime, which means his victimhood and that of his family is essentially acceptable or tolerable.

    It is obscene that prominent, politically vocal American Jews, as well as prominent non-Jewish figures who claim to champion human rights, are basically sitting this thing out or treating it very gingerly, like Jimmy Carter. Obama, of course, is clearly delinquent, but I don’t see the usual suspects calling him on it. It’s amazing to me that American Jews, who clearly helped Obama get elected, are not demanding that he take effective action to resolve this situation.

    Unless Castro, Inc. gets a ransom to its liking or Gross becomes so ill that he could die in Cuba, thus becoming a dangerous PR problem for the regime, I don’t see much changing unless we get a new president (just like the Iran hostage situation).

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