Another Special Period in Cuba

Café Fuerte is reporting (in Spanish) that there is a severe shortage of feminine napkins on the island due to the lack of hard currency to purchase the raw material necessary to manufacture them. In the CUC (convertible currency used by tourists) stores, however, there is plenty of stock where Cuban ladies lucky enough to have CUCs can purchase a single pack for more than the island average of one day’s pay.

While there is no money to purchase the raw materials needed to manufacture a very necessary hygiene product for women, there is plenty of money to purchase steaks, piña colada and daiquiri mix, liquor, soft drinks, shrimp, lobster, beach toys, jet skis, beach towels, pool furniture, and assortment of other resort related necessities to keep the tourists happy and entertained.

I guess you can say that for Cuban women in particular, this is indeed a special period.

1 thought on “Another Special Period in Cuba”

  1. Yes, the tyranny is very selective with their “scarcities.” I remember during the Elian crisis [scam], there were massive stated organized [forced] demonstrations along el Malecon where suddenly hundreds of thousands of “protesters” had hundreds of thousands of mass-manufactured [from some state run printing press] enormous professionally produced banners, posters and picket signs.

    Meanwhile, the “Cuban experts,” mainstream media and sundry other lift-the-embargo advocates were arguing that the embargo was having an adverse effect on Cuban children, because the regime could not produce notebooks or textbooks for students, since there was such a scarcity of paper and ink thanks to the “U.S. blockade!”

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