This is Obama’s Brain Off Teleprompter: Imagine if Palin Had Done This … UPDATED

This makes “57 states” and “breathalyzer” gaffes nothing more than sneezes.

Over the last couple weeks the MSM has continually taken jabs at Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere remarks (of which she was found to be correct), and have begun their attacks on GOP candidate Michelle Bachmann (mostly for her religious remarks). You don’t even have to try too hard to imagine the MSM’s reaction if either Palin or Bachmann had made such a horrible mistake as Obama has (below)…

Obama Awards Medal Of Honor To Staff Sergeant Jared C. Monti … posthumously (to Staff Sgt. Monti’s parents):

And the White House shrugs this off as Obama just “misspoke”. Yeah, maybe he’s just so tired from playing over 70 rounds of golf and schlepping to over 30 campaign fundraisers to date? But isn’t it lovely the MSM gets to pick and choose whose gaffes are worthy of condemnation.

The MSM made great fun of Pres. George W. Bush’s plain-talk, even to this day. The fact is, George W. Bush is known for being able to correctly recall every service member he has ever visited in hospital, or in various settings/events, the families of the fallen he has spoken personally with, and the troops he had the great honor of awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to … all posthumously. The MSM keep shoving a highly intelligent Obama down our throats, in spite of reality. The fact is, in order to talk off teleprompter you MUST actually feel and believe what you are saying. The words come from the heart and pass through the brain before streaming from the tongue. Whether it is before the American people or before our brave fighting men and women. Bush did it. Bachmann does it. Palin does it. Hell, we all know Sen. Marco Rubio does it. Obama doesn’t, and that is why he drags around the TOTUS like his security blanket.

Endless respect and gratitude to our fallen heroes, their families, and the brave troops and their families serving the nation today.


Via Jake Tapper @ ABC News Blog:

On his Facebook page this evening, Monti’s father, Paul, posted: “FYI- President Barack Obama telephoned me personally this afternoon to apologize for his error in his speech to the 10th mountain division re: Jared’s medal ceremony. Apology accepted.”

I accept it too…

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