1 thought on “It Is What It Is”

  1. Well, they are not going to do what really has to be done to win that war, as such cancer is not cured with bandages, so you might as well get out. All the while Obama is more worried about playing “world president” for the UN by carelessly and aimlessly shooting multimillion dollar missiles in Libya (all to end up favoring islamic extremists like mere imbeciles). Oh yeah, and if Afghanistan was not enough, apparently 8 years, and counting, of Iraq are not enough of a lesson regarding power vacuums in islamic nations and what are the sociopolitical realities of islamic nations.

    Of course, the timing for this alleged “Coming Soon” pullout is just a desperate move in hopes of re-election given that the end is near and there aren’t that many cards he can play, but good luck. Pulling out as the defeated warrior won’t mobilize many people to your side either, why would it. The scenario is simple, it was bad before you (Obama) came in and you, despite all the bashing and political pretensions, did NOTHING to change it for the better, so who cares about YOU. No, this time we wont talk about Bush’s handling of matters but about YOUR handling of matters, the results of YOUR policies, the reality, not about hallow utopian rhetoric for the consumption of cretins.

    I knew this would be Obama’s fate, that of a bluff, for that is what he is along with being a manipulative opportunist, a socialist at heart, and resented narcissist. Time for this nation to start moving on from four wasted years. Nonetheless, the stupidity is so rampant, even within Republicans at times, that four more years of this economically inept and full of crap socialist bluff is no discarded possibility.

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