Cuban minister arrested by Castro regime

One clergyman (Cardinal Jaime Ortega) throws wine and cheese parties for dictator Raul Castro and travels the world lobbying for the repressive Castro regime, while another clergyman (Pastor Mario Félix Lleonart) is arrested for protesting the dictatorship’s brutal violations of human rights.

Now which one would you say is a “man of God,” and which one is a willing tool of the regime?

Via Uncommon Sense:

Castro police arrest Cuban Baptist minister

Mario Mario Félix Lleonart

Cuban Baptist pastor Mario Félix Lleonart was arrested and detained for several hours on Sunday, long enough to keep him from participating in a Methodist church service in Santa Clara.

Lleonart’s vocation will always make him a target of the regime — after all, he is not a Catholic clergyman in the pocket of the government — but he is in a special category because of his willingness to speak publicly and forcefully about injustices in Cuban society.

Most recently, he testified to what he knew about the police beating death last month of Cuban dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia. Specifically, he recounted Soto’s description of how police had beaten him. Soon after, Soto was admitted to a hospital where he died.

The regime said Soto died of “natural causes,” but Lleonart has stuck with his story.

No word was reported on why Lleonart was arrested Sunday, but blogger Yoani Sanchez reported via Twitter that he had been released.

Also via Twitter, Elsa Morejon, the wife of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, reported that a total of 23 people who planned to attend the church service had been detained.

Learn more about this brave man of God by reading his blog, in English, here.

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  1. Presumably a rogue Methodist, not like the ones who worked to send Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba to be turned into a Castroite zombie, and have yet to express regret or remorse over what Cuban exiles clearly warned would happen to him.

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