1,700 Castro troops arrive in Venezuela

According to blogger Angelica Mora, the Castro dictatorship has sent 1,700 Cuban troops to Venezuela under the command of two Cuban generals. It is an obvious effort to maintain the Chavez dictatorship in power at all costs, and ensure the billions of dollars in subsidies the Castro regime receives from Venezuela to fund its own repressive tyranny.

Via the blog of Angelica Mora (my translation):


Patricia Poleo denounces the arrival of Cuban troops in Venezuela

Journalist Patricia Poleo (El Nuevo Pais) denounced the arrival of 1,700 soldiers from the Cuban military commanded by Generals Wilfredo Rodriguez and Julio Casas Regueiro. The troops were brought into the country via Hercules aircraft from the Venezuelan Air Force.

Patricia confirms that the aircraft landed in Maracaibo on Wednesday night while two other aircraft with registrations AV-109 and AV-203 landed on the runway at VENEPAL. These aircraft were escorted by two Super Puma helicopters. The seizure of the VENEPAL company was denounced by the MILITARY ALLIANCE FOR VENEZUELA as a strategy for international terrorism and an incursion into the continental region.

Patricia Poleo’s denouncement confirms that the government, using its Political Commissioners, congresswoman Iris Varela and Brigadier General Acosta Carles, took control of Venepal through the use of a misnamed “assembly of workers” consisting of 300 laborers fired from from the company who apparently did not accept their dismissal as agreed to by the parties in conflict. This, of course, was nothing more than a smoke screen to cover the true intentions of the regime, which was none other than to establish a beachhead in the central region of the country and from that strategic position, continue its invasion of our country and penetrate the rest of South America, reinforcing its area of influence in the Caribbean and Central America.

The communist Cuban government was the main provider of raw materials for Venepal, which is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the negative effects of the regime opportunistically controlling its assets. The Fidelista regime benefited from the Venezuelan revenue generated by Venepal serving as an intermediary in the sale of sugar cane scraps and other fibers obtained from Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean. In spite of the fact that a court ordered the dismissal of the laborers, the regime has maintained the illegal seizure and we do not doubt that the Cuban troops are utilizing the facilities available at the Venepal compound that can house more than 3,500 men.

General Julio Casas Regueiro is the First Vice Minister of the Cuban Armed Revolutionary Forces and a veteran of Angola. He is a very dangerous man, whose photograph is being provided to facilitate the citizens’ duty to capture him at all costs, detain him, and force him to explain the motives behind his command of Cuban troops occupying our territory. He must be captured and tried according to international laws that pertain to prisoners of war.

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  1. Where oh where is the “Outrage” from The “Organization of American States”?
    Oh I forgot………..this is different. Here we have COMMUNIST TROOPS from Cuba landing in Venezuela……… Thats O.K.
    BUT………….Honduran Troops protecting Honduras from a Foreign takeover……… now THAT is a blatant crime.

  2. The OAS is a brazen whore. It’s like a bargain-basement UN, and you all know what an obscene fraud the UN is.

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