NPR and GlobalPosts’ “Cuba Expert “Nick Miroff earns his Cuban Visa


Yesterday UK Guardian’s Stephen Wilkinson did his part. Today NPR’s Nick Miroff chimes in. His article mentions the obvious regarding Venezuelan subsidies–but without even hinting at the following:

“Estimates are that about $4 billion a year flow directly to the Cuban government from remittances and travel by Cuban Americans, which is perhaps the single largest source of revenue to the most repressive government in the region.” (Sen. Marco Rubio, Feb. 11, 2011)

The MSM/Cuba-“Expert” axis regards this item as toxic. It kicks the legs out from under their scheme. If Cuba depends on sustenance from a foreign power(Russia, Venezuela, etc.)–it’s regrettable, but a consequence of the “failed” and “counter-productive” “bloqueo,” you see. And, gosh, shouldn’t responsible U.S. policymakers finally flip-off those insufferable Miami Cubans and adopt an enlightened policy that would wean the hapless Cuban regime away from that unfortunate but necessary expedient?

When folks outside Miami-Dade learn that this bloqueo is right up there with Global Warming in the veracity department–that more subsidies flow from the U.S. to Cuba nowadays than flowed from the Soviet Union in the 70’s and 80’s, they’re stunned–then livid.

Hence the hush-hush from MSM/Cuba “Expert”-Lobbying-Complex.