UK Engagement with Castro dictatorship aims to bring changes

The British ambassador in Cuba says that she wants to see more cooperation between the Castro dictatorship and the British government in order to help spur “change” on the island.

No… not those “changes.”

The ambassador was not referring to changes that would help usher in freedom, democracy, the end of repression, or respect for human rights in Cuba. The changes the British ambassador is referring to is improvement in tourist facilities so more British tourists will want to visit Castro’s Cuba.

UK, Cuba sign accord on tourism investment

BEIJING, July 6 (Xinhuanet) — The UK and Cuba have signed a bilateral cooperation agreement in Havana. The move aims to increase investment in tourism and the construction of golf courses to back economic reforms put forward by Cuba.

The British ambassador to Cuba, Dianna Melrose, said she regretted trade between the two countries is still “very low” but added there is much room for growth. The embassy did not go into further details or release specific figures.

Melrose said as many as 200-thousand British citizens visit Cuba every year and are interested to see the changes taking place in the island nation. Many believe the tropical island could become a tourist hot spot as reforms continue to encourage travellers to visit.


Now tell me again how “engagement” works with the Castro dictatorship.

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