Venezuelan opposition leader Congresswoman Maria Corina Machado attacked by Chavez thugs

The similarities between Cuba and Venezuela continue to become more evident. The Castro regime uses loyalist thugs to mete out violence and brutality in order to punish its opponents, and in Venezuela, Chavez is adopting the same tactic. During the independence day celebrations in Caracas, Congresswoman Maria Corina Machado, a staunch opponent of dictator Hugo Chavez and a leader amongst the opposition in Venezuela, was physically and violently attacked by Chavista thugs.

Via Americas Forum:

Chavez supporters attack opposition congresswoman during Bicentennial parade
Congresswoman Maria Corina Machado

CARACAS – During today’s Bicentennial parade in Caracas to celebrate 200 years of Venezuelan independence, congresswoman Maria Corina Machado was attacked by a mob of Chavez supporters that hurled objects at her and punched her in the face.

Lieutenant Colonel Marcos Álvarez, one of the Army officers assigned to protect the congresswoman, suffered a head injury from a large object that was thrown by one of the Chavez supporters.

According to Machado, the incident occurred as she stopped to greet a group of supporters along the parade route. As she stopped, a mob attacked with fists and projectiles.

The incident occurred just one day after President Hugo Chavez returned from Cuba after receiving surgery for a pelvic abscess and cancer.

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  1. It seems that Communist world wide…but particularly in Latin Countries..(CUBA…Venezuela) get extreme pleasure attacking defenseless women.
    Its the way Communist men prove their” manhood”.

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