So much for those advances in LGBT rights in Cuba

While the media extols the supposed wondrous work promoting gay rights being carried out by the crown princess Mariela Castro, they forget one very important rule in Castro’s fiefdom: “Within the revolution everything, outside the revolution, nothing.”

Apparently, one member of Cuba’s LGBT community forgot that cardinal rule and is now suffering the consequences.

Cuban transgender woman says she was fired because her lover is with opposition
Wendy Iriepa

A transgender woman has quit her job at a government-run sex studies center headed by the daughter of Cuban ruler Raúl Castro, alleging that Mariela Castro accused her of disloyalty because of her relationship with a gay opposition activist.

Castro “challenged my life, (asking) why am I with my man?” said Wendy Iriepa, 37, who added that she handed in her resignation Thursday to the National Sex Education Center in Havana (CENESEX), which Castro heads.

Iriepa was a long-time fixture at the center: the first to benefit from Castro’s push for government approval of sex-change surgeries and steady participant in center-organized events for Cuba’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

Castro, who directs CENESEX, has long been known as an advocate for LGBT rights and widely credited with lobbying the government to crack down on discrimination against gays and offer benefits to LGBT community members.

But a small group of gays has accused her of monopolizing the LGBT rights movement, demanding total loyalty to her father’s government and blocking efforts to establish gay rights groups that are independent of the government-run CENESEX.

4 thoughts on “So much for those advances in LGBT rights in Cuba”

  1. I read this in the Herald this morning and thought to myself as I listened intently, but heard nothing.
    It was the silence of the Gay South Florida homosexuals.
    If there was ever a single issue group they are it. Now if Castro said that they could not be openly homosexuals then they would be screaming like scorched cats.

  2. This increasing acceptance of gays inside Cuba came about when the regime started building up its tourism industry and realized that the sex trade is big and that they could make money if gay tourists from places like Canada, England, Italy, Spain and Latin America felt that Cuba is a safe, accepting and non-homophobic environment. In steps Mariela Castro with all of her mirrors and smoke and phony posturing. Of course, like in all things in castrolandia, it only takes a very slight scratching of the surface for the truth to come out such as what Wendy Iriepa has just done.

  3. Perfect, just perfect.
    I think I am in love with Breitbart.
    As he says, “We should all make fun of liberals. It’s so easy and it’s so fun,”

  4. Ahh, Raulita! Looks like it’s ok to be gay in Cuba, BUT…. only if you are a GAY-comunista!

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