Princess Mariela Castro’s ‘taster’ and the ‘gay’ dissident

Capitol Hill Cubans reports that the Cuban transsexual forced out of the Castro sex ministry for dating a dissident, Wendy Iriepa, was once princess Mariela Castro’s official food taster, trying all food and drink before they touched the princess’ lips in case any of it was poisoned.

And the incomparable Katungo shares his thoughts on Ms. Iriepa, the “gay” dissident:

WARNING: Strong Language

3 thoughts on “Princess Mariela Castro’s ‘taster’ and the ‘gay’ dissident”

  1. Wendy is very brave, she has conviction. I congratulate her. Obviously, publicly coming out against Mariela Castro is a very dangerous thing to do, especially in the manner in which she has done it. She has exposed Mariela’s false gay rights organization for what it is, another tentacle of the regime: nothing more than a front, and a scam.

  2. This may be beside the point, but why would a (presumably) straight man want an artificially created “female” when he could have a natural one? Even apart from childbearing considerations, this makes NO rational sense.

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