Rubio is the man, now is the time

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve been posting stuff about our Senator, Marco Rubio for some time. I had the dream that he would run for president, get the GOP nomination and beat Barack Obama next November. Many of you out there say “he’s too young” or “he’d be a great VP nominee” but I challenge any of you who consider yourself conservative, Reaganite or libertarian-leaning to listen to Rubio on any of these links and ask yourself if there’s anybody currently or potentially in the field that speaks as clearly about the fundamental problem that is facing the very existence of our country today.

There are several ways that you can encourage Senator Rubio to reconsider his declaration that he is not running for higher office in 2012.

First, follow @DraftMarcoRubio on Twitter.

Secondly, donate $20.12 to Senator Rubio’s Senate Campaign fund. This sends a clear message.

Third, spread the word about Marco Rubio by posting links on your facebook and twitter accounts or even just talking about him with friends and family or even at the water cooler.

It’s time to get serious and get Senator Rubio’s attention. He’s beaten the odds before coming from virtually out of nowhere to beat a once very popular Governor to obtain his Senate seat.

Let’s do this!


Draft Marco Rubio.

6 thoughts on “Rubio is the man, now is the time”

  1. I agree Henry, there is no other politician that has the pulse of America better than Marco Rubio, and not since Reagan, has anyone connected with the heart of Americana as he can. He inspires greatness. He reminds us of what we were, and what we should and can be with the right leadership. He is that leader, and we need him. No one else comes close.

  2. Ziva, although I agree, I would hate to see him lose a squaker to Obama and ruin his shoe-in for 2016 when I think he will be unstoppable.

    I am becoming more worried that Romney will get the nomination and lose this time and that it might be impossible to stop him 🙁

  3. Mr. Mojito I agree. I want him now, because this country is in such a mess and I beleive he would fix it, but he is still new on the national scene, and I’m not sure how many who voted for “the one” are really willing to admit their error. If he ran on short notice now and lost, it would seriously damage his future, and his current position which is important.

  4. Let’s talk about 2016. That assumes Obama wins in 2012. We’d have lost with our best bullet in the chamber. Rubio delivers Florida, a state Obama carried. Rubio delivers many more Hispanics than any of the other candidates in the field (a large segment is jaded about Obama). We won’t make it to 2016 if Obama wins. Period. If a Republican wins in 2012 then Rubio is out of the picture until 2020. He’s young enough to still be relevant then but I doubt his star will be shining as brightly after 10 years in the Senate.

  5. The nightmare for me would be if Romney gets the nomination and Rubio agrees to be on the VP ticket.

    Not only because I think Romney would still lose, but if they won, it would take Rubio out till 2020 for President.

    To me this is a very weak GOP field unless Rick Perry joins the fray. I think Perry could beat Obama in a 51-49 % election with Rubio as VP possibly – but if the GOP nominates Romney (John Kerry Lite) were F#$ked!

  6. I think Marco Rubio better get his campaign to rescue America now instead of waiting until 2016 because another Obama administration will damage America beyond repair.

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