Attack on the Ladies in White: A desperate plea for help recorded during the attack

In the following recording by opposition leader Tania Montoya Vazquez, who called in to Hablalo Sin Miedo while a violent attack against the Ladies in White was taking place yesterday, you can hear the desperation and fear in her voice. Even if you do not speak or understand Spanish, the tone of her voice and the screams in the background give a chilling account of the brutality of the Castro dictatorship.

My translation:

Urgent: Tania Montoya Vázquez and other Ladies in White are beaten at El Cobre – 17th of July, 9:26 AM

Listen without fear


This is Tania Montoya Vazquez speaking. I am here at El Cobre participating in a peaceful march in support of the Ladies in White and I am being beaten. We are being victimized by a ferocious criminal act of repudiation. They are beating me. We are here peacefully marching, dressed in white, and we are being repudiated by the paramilitary troops organized and directed by Lieutenant Colonel Elio from State Security.

Call +5353146329.

End of message.

See the previous post for more information on this latest brutal attack on Cuba’s women of the opposition by the “reformed” dictatorship of Raul Castro.

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